America’s Most Fashionable First Ladies

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Not since Jackie Kennedy, who created fashion crazes with her pillbox hat, oversized sunglasses, and leopard print coat, have we had a first lady admired for her sense of style as much as her political responsibilities. Not, that is, until Michelle Obama stepped into the White House four years ago.


Having already asserted herself as a major trendsetter through her expert mixing of high-end and affordable pieces, our returning First Lady takes sartorial risks unapologetically. Will she continue to follow in the footsteps of her most fashionable predecessors?


Only time will tell, but the daring yet practical Mrs. Obama seems to be up for the challenge. As we embark on another four years, below enjoy photos through the ages of a few of our top First Lady fashion icons.




Frances Cleveland
First Lady, 1886 – 1897














Edith Roosevelt
First Lady, 1901 – 1909













Grace Coolidge
First Lady, 1923 – 1929













Mamie Eisenhower
First Lady, 1953 – 1961














Jacqueline Kennedy
First Lady, 1961 – 1963












Claudia “Lady Bird” Johnson
First Lady, 1963 – 1969













Pat Nixon
First Lady, 1969 – 1974














Betty Ford
First Lady, 1974 – 1977














Nancy Reagan
First Lady, 1981 – 1989













Michelle Obama
Current First Lady













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