November Lily’s Lulu Amin Picks A Perfect Pair


DFW Style Daily is obsessed with unveiling the fashionable fixations of Dallas’ most design-driven constituents. Our most recent confessor, wedding industry innovator Ladna “Lulu” Amin, shares her secret to stand-out style today.


Amin, who has worked with ateliers including Oscar De La Renta, Ines Di Santo, and Valentino, is the founder of November Lily, a luxury bridal styling house. Admitting that her addiction to all things wedding and fashion started at an early age, Amin established a career focused on “making brides iconic.”


On November 4th, Amin and November Lily launched a new way to cater to couture-crazed brides, hosting The Art of Bridal Style in Dallas. This first-of-its-kind, customized event guided brides-to-be through the process of developing their personal aesthetic.


And speaking of aesthetics, this trendsetter’s own personal pick highlights a clean, classic combo. Read on for her stylish confession.




The Obsession: Among Amin’s favorite things are black and white pieces that mix her preferred monotones.


The Confession: “Love, love, love the black and white duo. I always gravitate toward it,” Amin admits of her anything-but-grey addiction. “And, as a stylist, I tend to go for pieces that last, not necessarily what’s on trend.”



The Rationalization: Amin has a strong model for her fashionable fixation, by the name of Coco Chanel. She explains, “Though I love to add a pop of color like fuchsia or red, I think Coco Chanel got it right when she stated, ‘Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.’”



The Collection: “You’ll find black and white everywhere [in my life]. In my wardrobe, it’s my vintage YSL blazer. In my living room, my striped chaise lounge,” notes our expert. “And when November Lily’s new online bridal shopping experience and branding concept launches in the spring, be on the lookout for the powerful combo.”






Shop It: The tastemaker recommended snapping up YSL’s black and white tote this season (pictured left), and you can purchase Amin’s polished pick via Net-A-Porter ($2,895). Need additional shopping inspiration? Turn to Amin’s Pinterest page (selections pictured above) where she’s constantly curating the best of what’s black and white for her fans and followers.






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