Ciao Bella! Italian Fashion Week Dazzles Dallas

    From an opening press conference on Monday, October 22nd, featuring top designer Raffaella Curiel, to its closing of day on the floor of Dallas Market Center, Italian Fashion Week brought festivities and fashion shows to Big D. Each event drew a bevy of noticeable names to experience and celebrate the work of a different Italian designer. With Terri Provencal of Patron Magazine at the media helm, industry greats joined forces to showcase Italian fashion at its finest. Among the first highlights, at Wendy Krispin’s cool venue 129 Leslie, Stella Jean and C.M.J. showed on Wednesday, October 24th.     Refreshing and vibrant came Stella Jean (shown above and at top), an award-winning designer who combines Italian flair and Haitian heritage. Through floral fabrics that cross boundaries, from beach to office, Stella shows stylish thinking outside of the box.     C.M.J., known for tailoring of beautifully hand-crafted leather pieces, joined the second half of this notable evening (shown above). This beautiful brand, headed by art director Massimo Lotti, was exceptionally received, just as the hottest Hollywood stars who wear their jackets. The hip moto vibe was sexy, indeed. Other featured designers throughout the week included Lucia Odescalchi and Antonio D’Amico of Pump. The series culminated on Friday night, October 26th, with Ilaria Venturini Fendi at Forty Five Ten. She was awarded the Ethical Business honor, as she champions trade-driven projects in African nations to support poverty-stricken workers in collaboration with the United Nations. Her Carmina Campus brand includes handbags, jewelry, and furniture. The Italians have three more years to come, showing in the month of October at Dallas Market Center. Southwest buyers must embrace these manufacturers soon, as we could learn much from unparalleled Italian design.     (All photos by Quoc Cong Qc, XO Photography)  

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