Quoted: Kim Dawson Director On Tyra Banks & America’s Next Top Model

  On October 16th, via Twitter, host Tyra Banks announced to her 7 million-plus followers that, sure enough, America’s Next Top Model will return next summer. Her tweet was short - “ANTM 20. Bring on the boys!!!!” - but it revealed that male models will be added to the group of contestants. Further, we have learned that in Cycle 20, the boys will live alongside the girls (virtually courting a sex scandal), and viewers will also have a direct impact on the competition through social media-enabled voting.   Since ANTM has become a pop culture staple that just won’t quit, we sought an expert opinion on its relevance and impact. Today, Jon Tutolo (pictured below), President of Trump Model Management and Creative Director at The Kim Dawson Agency, sounds off.     DFW Style Daily: How do you think America’s Next Top Model has influenced the way people view models and the modeling profession? Do you think Tyra Banks is a good spokesperson for the industry?   Jon Tutolo: “America’s Next Top Model is both a realistic and fictional depiction of the way the modeling industry operates. Overall, I think its viewers are very entertained, but I do not think it delivers an accurate depiction of the life of a model and the functions of this type of business.   “And no, I don’t think of Tyra as a spokesperson for the industry. While she has had a variety of experiences from top runways to magazine covers etc., the objective of the show is to brand her and not the industry.”     (Tyra Banks image via NewYork.Metromix.com)

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