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    Apfel For Bendel Won’t Hit Dallas Last month, we filled you in on details of a film-in-the-making about the life of legendary interior designer, businesswoman, and trendsetter Iris Apfel. Via Racked this week, we learn of the stunning senior’s new handbag collection for Henri Bendel, dubbed “Extinctions.” The oversized bags are reportedly crafted of snakeskin and Mongolian lamb, among other luxe materials, and sadly, Dallas will have a hard time getting its hands on one. According to Henri Bendel at NorthPark Center, the range is not currently in store, nor is it expected. A representative suggested we try the retailer’s website, but that also nets nothing at the moment. Sadness.       Stiller Goes Gaga For Zoolander Sequel From New York Magazine’s The Cut, we learn that Lady Gaga may soon complete the most hilarious love triangle since her sleepover with Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg on Saturday Night Live. Rumor has it that the fashion-forward pop star is at the top of Ben Stiller’s lady lead wish list for a planned sequel to 2001’s Zoolander. Gaga’s potential role would plant her between Stiller’s title character and fellow mad male model Hansel (Owen Wilson), each vying for her attentions. Who can we call to get this deal done?   Saint Laurent v. Louboutin: Case Closed Just in time for the long-embattled brands to cozy up in side-by-side storefronts at Highland Park Village, Saint Laurent Paris and Christian Louboutin have concluded their much-publicized “red sole” legal saga.  Satisfied with a ruling allowing the former to produce monochromatic shoes, red from top to bottom, while the latter maintains a trademark on his see-and-be-seen soles, this ends an 18-month court clash that turned mind-numbing around month three. The Huffington Post has additional details.   Prada Ousts Mickey D’s Finally, the most unlikely pair of headliners this week is McDonald’s and Prada, by way of Milan. An unusual clash has occurred between the ubiquitous fast food chain and the Italian design house, following the Golden Arches’ eviction from a longtime storefront in Milan’s Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II shopping center. A Prada boutique will take its place, thought to be a more fitting neighbor for the likes of Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Following the move, McDonald’s filed suit against the city, seeking damages to the tune of €24 million. Ouch. For more on the story, visit British Vogue.     (Photo credits, from top: Lead image via AU.IBTimes.com, 1. IntoTheGloss.com, 2. MadtownJamz.com, 3. LilyVonPink.blogspot.com, 4. Blog.TimesUnion.com)  

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