Barneys NorthPark Is Closing: Dallas Speaks Out

  The news hit town yesterday like a ton of bricks. Or a ton of Balenciaga bags. Or a ton of Band of Outsiders schoolboy blazers. You get the idea. Barneys New York at NorthPark Center is closing. Open since 2006, the designer department store’s 88,000 square-foot Big D outpost is on the chopping block, set to shutter next spring. Adding insult to injury, this splashy store represents Barneys’ second attempt to court customers here in the Metroplex. Its debut Dallas location folded in 1997, also at NorthPark. Reporters galore rehashed the news on Monday afternoon, via the Dallas Business Journal, the Dallas Morning News, and even D Magazine’s ShopTalk blog. But what do local shoppers themselves have to say? DFW Style Daily polled a fashionable and diverse group of Dallasites for their comments on this retail bombshell. From our city’s best dressed to its marketing experts, read on for their double-edged reactions below.       Tammy Theis Stylist & Creative Director, Wallflower Management “I've been a Barneys New York fan since before they came to Dallas, and was thrilled when they moved into NorthPark. I am saddened we’re losing this important retailer. Personally, I will miss both the luxury of styling with Barneys’ merchandise for my various editorials, as well as shopping there for myself. Of course, we will continue to have plenty of access to high-end luxury labels from stores like Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and boutiques such as Forty Five Ten and V.O.D., so I'm not too worried. I look forward to seeing what will move into the NorthPark space."           Yvonne Crum Philanthropist & DFW Style Daily Best Dressed 2012 Honoree "While I am not surprised, I am saddened that anyone is going to lose their job. It never seemed that Barneys had the traffic to sustain the store, though I was told that they did a great many phone orders and trunk show business.”                 Steve Kemble America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru, Television & Radio Personality "Like Dom Perignon, Beluga Caviar, and a fabulous Ferrari, Barneys New York never failed to add luster to my life! You can be assured, when I head to New York this year for my holiday shopping, I am placing a wreath in front of the fascinating windows at their Madison Avenue store with a ribbon that reads, Dallas Misses You.”             Rhonda Sargent Chambers Founder, RSC Show Productions & DFW Style Daily Contributor "Closing for the second time in Dallas? I was sad the first time! Such a disappointment that our city did not embrace this unique store that carried amazing designers in a luxe boutique setting."               Mark Brinkerhoff Director of Brand Communications, Moroch PR “Some fine retailers are simply not the right fit for consumers in this market, as seems to be the case with Barneys (as well as Bloomingdale’s, which also didn’t last long in Dallas). Some retailers also have not adapted to the wants and needs of today’s contemporary, ‘new normal’ consumer. This shopper is more discerning and inclined to shop online and at consignment stores, for example, where high fashion can be found at more affordable prices.”             Hanh Merriman Blogger, Life In Travel & DFW Style Daily Best Dressed 2012 Honoree “I'm sad that Barneys closing. It's among my top five stores in Dallas. Barneys has influenced Dallas' street style, and I love seeing that. I hope they will return to Dallas a third time, and that we will be prepared to welcome them forever.”                 John Clutts Founder, The Clutts Agency "I love so many things I have from Barneys, and I was thrilled when they reached out to me for input on the Dallas store opening. I took Simon Doonan to lunch with my fashionable friend Yvonne Crum, and there was just so much excitement surrounding the 2006 relaunch. How often does Patti LaBelle pull you on stage to sing with her? That's what happened to me on Barneys’ opening night! I will definitely miss the special brand of energy that Barneys brought to our market. Dare I hope that one day their third time will be our charm?”         Nancy Klompus Stylist, Nancy Klompus Buy Request “This is so sad. This town needed Barneys’ fashion aesthetic to keep everyone on their toes. They had such good merchandise, and I don't know why people didn't shop there.”                     Dr. Asad Dean, MD Texas Oncology, One Man Dallas Finalist “I had the great thrill of attending Fashion In The Park at NorthPark where Simon Doonan made his grand entrance. Meeting him was sensational. Barneys is an American mainstay with an international flair, for all those who crave impeccable style in their garments and accessories.”                   Toni Munoz-Hunt Model, Actress, & Writer, DFW Style Daily Columnist "This is tragic! Barneys was such a beacon of light among the trendsetters in this town. Their way of bringing fashion and art together will truly be missed."                 Jarrod Fresquez Founder, Abstract Method Marketing “I never had the same shopping experience at Barneys twice, and I think that is what made it so appealing. I always left with a different style, a crazy accessory, or a new piece that wasn’t ever what I originally envisioned. While that was always a variable, the constants were their fantastic stylists, and the amazing fashions that floated through the store inspiring shoppers and fashionistas alike.”           Jasmin Brand Founder, Brandpointe “As a society, we have been forever changed by the increasing roles of social media and technology. Successful companies understand that shoppers today no longer rely on the traditional brick-and-mortar structure in order to connect with their favorite brands. They now have the ability to shop anytime, anywhere. Retailers must begin to think of their customers in 24-hour cycles, not just about the time they're actually inside the stores. Further, the savvy, budget-conscious shopper has completely redefined the term ‘luxury shopping’. It's now time for retailers to adapt and reinvent themselves accordingly, or face a fate similar to that of Barneys.”       Dan Pritchett Board Member, The Fashionistas "Barney's has been at the forefront of fashion here in Dallas since it opened, and it has worn that distinction so very well - never compromising, never apologizing. This closing leaves an empty spot, not only in Dallas fashion, but also in our North Texas culture as a whole. In my view, no one can adequately replace them."               John Conte Vice President of Education, Wade College & DFW Style Daily Best Dressed 2012 Honoree “This makes me question the Metroplex’s reputation as a center of fashion, in our inability to sustain a retailer such as this. Barneys’ format is so unlike other department store retailers. Most other big cities 'get it,' but somehow, we did not. I also find Barneys to be one of the only legitimate resources in Dallas for high-end men’s fashion. Where are local men shopping if Barneys didn’t fit the bill? It’s also a sad day for up-and-coming local designers who will miss out on the opportunity for Barneys to do what it does best: showcasing new resources.”            

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