Exclusive: Jane McGarry Shares Shopping Secrets & Exciting Future Plans

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As a 30-year news veteran, Jane McGarry is known not only as a trusted, familiar television personality, but also for her style and charm. Here at DFW Style Daily, we have long envied her fiercely fashionable wardrobe choices, both on-air and in daily life. Recently, we had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with this local icon to talk style tips and exciting future plans.

Read on for Jane McGarry’s very candid responses to our exclusive interview questions. And like any good reporter, you’ll want to take notes on a few of these insider sources!



DFW Style Daily: What are some of your “secret” shopping finds in Dallas?

Jane McGarry: “As you can see in the pictures here today, Carla Martinengo in The Plaza at Preston Center is my go-to store. I started shopping with Carla more than 10 years ago. She has great taste, and her pieces are timeless.

Also, it’s not really a secret, but beautiful and comfortable western boots from M.L. Leddy’s in Ft. Worth are worth the six-to-nine month wait.”


What are your top 5 favorite stores in Dallas?

“For the total experience, it’s still hard to top the original Neiman Marcus downtown, especially during the holidays. Also, I like to send orchids as gifts, and Gunter’s Greenhouse in Richardson has a fabulous selection.

I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but I love the clean lines of the pieces at the Bulgari store at Northpark Center. I collect the colorful scarves from Hermès in Highland Park Village, and they also carry a line of fragrances I adore: Collection Hermessence.

Lastly, chocolate is my weakness, and there’s a delightful little chocolate boutique on Oak Lawn Avenue called Chocolate Secrets. The women who run it are so nice!”


 Dress by Matthew Williamson; Available at Carla Martinengo


When you moved from the Midwest to Dallas, did you have to adjust your style?

“Have you looked at my style when I moved here? Gah! My favorite part is the ‘Flying Nun’ Sally Field hairstyle. Yes, I had to update my look.”


How would you describe your look now?

“I guess I would call my personal style classic with just a little bit of edge.

Most of my clothes are fairly simple, with clean lines. I just bought a sleeveless black knit dress from Alaïa that I will be wearing 10 years from now. If it’s cool outside, I might put my favorite brown leather jacket from Gaultier over it, and wear a heavy link bracelet from Balenciaga.  I usually only wear one piece of jewelry at a time.

My favorite handbag is a big motorcycle bag from Balenciaga in distressed silver that I bought from Carla Martinengo when those bags first came out, almost 10 years ago. And, in addition to cognac-colored alligator cowboy boots made in Texas, my black biker boots from Fiorentini & Baker are my favorites.”


How do you think Dallas’ style overall has changed since you started on the air here?

“Dallas-Ft Worth women are known around the world for beauty and taste. I have been to France and had people tell me how great Texas women look. In my opinion, the biggest change I have seen [over the years] is that DFW women are more comfortable with their own individual style today, instead of trying to fit a stereotype of what is supposed to look good.”


Dress by Alaïa, Bracelets by Balenciaga; Available at Carla Martinengo


If you had to give our audience one style tip, what would it be?

“Take the time to browse magazines and websites for the newest looks. There is no reason to try every new trend, but I think a woman can look great at any age if she looks fresh and interesting.  A new hairstyle might be the most inexpensive way to update your look.

However, far and away the most important fashion accessory a woman can carry is feeling good about herself. I think it’s so important for a woman to have confidence that she can take care of herself and know that who she is on the inside is far more important than how she looks on the outside. Fashion is fun, but a sense of well being and loving oneself is essential.”


What is coming up next for you?

“Whether it’s raising money for women who are victims of violence, or educating women about breast cancer, I have always been interested in helping women take care of themselves  financially, emotionally, and physically.

So, I am very excited about a new skin care line I am about to bring to market. After 25 years of working with harsh lighting, heavy makeup, and perpetual lack of sleep, I decided to find the best skin care products available. I ended up working with two prestigious chemists to develop them.

I’ve been testing these products on my own skin for more than a year now, and I love how they keep my skin hydrated and minimize pores and lines. The new skin care line is called H3Essentials, and you’ll be hearing a lot more about it very soon.”



Follow Jane McGarry on Twitter @TheJaneMcGarry.

Photo shoot conducted on location at Carla Martinengo, The Plaza at Preston Center. All photos credit Sylvia Elzafon for DFW Style Daily.


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