Hotel Zaza Events Guru Reveals Style Secret!

  Here at DFW Style Daily, our fashionable fixation is uncovering the stylish obsessions of our city’s top trendsetters. Today, man-about-town Riley Nail is in the hot seat.   Drawing upon an eye for design honed during his high profile modeling career, Nail now holds the title of Senior Manager of Events and Experience at Uptown’s Hotel Zaza. Whether presiding over the hot venue’s famed Sunday School party, or relaxing with wife Kristy in their ‘40s-era Kessler Park bungalow, this stylish gent’s attire is always a perfect fit. And that’s no accident.       The Obsession: Nail is keeping his tailor busy this fall, because he’s addicted to achieving the perfect fit.   The Confession: “You can have amazing clothes, but if they don't fit, they don’t fit,” declares our expert. We couldn’t agree more.           The Rationalization: “Most of the time, the brand, style, or overall look of something doesn't really matter as long as it fits right,” Nail notes. “My aesthetic involves finding a balance of being ‘dressed up’ without looking ‘too dressy’. It comes together in the fit.”           The Collection: “I don't mind mixing a pair of my Helmut Lang pants with a shirt from H&M - if it all fits properly, of course,” states the devotee of high-low combos.     Shop It: So, what’s his secret to achieving fit satisfaction? Nail’s loyal to JC Tailor (3422 Oak Lawn Ave., Dallas). He raves, “They do really great work, they’re affordable, and they always have a funny story to share.”             (Photo credits, from top: Lead image via, 1. Headshot by Rick Day, 2. Riley Nail, 3. JC Tailor Exterior via     

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