From Pinterest Poser to D.I.Y. Diva: Craftsy Takes You There

    Ever fall in love with the perfect dress, only to realize it’s sold out in your size?  Or maybe you’re obsessively pinning about a new jewelry trend, but you can’t bear the thought of shelling out a whole paycheck for a necklace? Put down the wine, pack up your sorrows, and check out Craftsy.   Like the University of Phoenix for crafting, those skilled in the ways of everything from crocheting to cake decorating host online classes at this new website to help transform the rest of us from Pinterest Poser to DIY Diva.   Fear not, technologically challenged, with creative souls in mind, Craftsy’s very easy to navigate and chockablock with experts. Classes are also affordable, and there’s even a money-back guarantee.     Specifically speaking for we the fashion-focused, if you've ever wished for the know-how to design your own clothes (or knock-off a few favorites from your own closet), Craftsy is a great place to start. Classes like Jean-ius!, The Couture Dress, and Jewelry Workshop cost $29.99- $49.99.  Not a bad investment if you never have to pay $200 for a pair of jeans again.   Sounds great, huh?  But what if the closest you've ever come to a sewing machine is a visit to the local tailor shop? Not to worry - Craftsy offers several free mini-courses to get you started, including Sewing Machine 911. Therein, you’ll get over an hour of instruction on everything you need to know, including which machines to buy, and how to repair and clean them. Plus, students taking these beginners’ courses are encouraged to post questions and join discussions as everyone learns together. No one is made to feel stupid, and your fellow students are extremely polite and friendly. Then, as subjects progress to a more advanced level, instructors become more and more involved in the conversation.     If you're ready to skip to the head of the class, neither wanting nor needing to shell out the money for basic instruction (feel free to gloat), Craftsy can also help you cut to the chase. A Patterns section offers dozens of projects, from messenger bags to shift dresses, with one click. Most won't set you back even $10. There’s even a project wall wherein users post their finished creations - so inspiring – and a store stocked with discounted name-brand fabric and materials.   There's a level of pride and satisfaction that comes with completing a project and outfitting yourself. If you’re brimming with inspiration, but lacking skills, Craftsy is a great community in which to learn to create your own ensembles and accessories. With time, you might even earn a few bragging rights.   In fact, you can thank Craftsy years from now, when Martha Stewart taps you on the shoulder in a cheese shop in the Hamptons and says, "What a cute blouse!" Casually, you’ll respond, "Thanks, Mar, I made it myself."   (All images via  

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