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  Appliqué abounds this fall, rendering extravagance an understatement when describing its many incarnations. Combining the intricacy of a Fabergé egg with the opulence of a Czarina’s diamond-encrusted crown, this Old World art was displayed at Chanel, Bottega Veneta, and more.   In the broadest sense, the term appliqué, borrowed from the French, refers to a small ornament sewn upon a foundation fabric. Dating to the mid-1800’s, this technique is often executed painstakingly by hand. As the following images illustrate, however, designers’ modern translations take the art to a whole new level.       Balmain shows a vested interest in appliqué.                       At Chanel, in the classic black and white.                       Breathtaking in bold color, from Bottega Veneta.                       Dolce & Gabbana’s jewel-encrusted capelet shines.                       Monique Lhuillier balances bare and daring.                       Mixed media in midnight blue at Oscar de la Renta.                     (Photo credits, from top: 1. Gianni Pucci for, 2. Yannis Vlamos for, 3. – 5. Alessandro Viero for, 6. Yannis Vlamos for  

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