You Are Invited: “Rear Window” Under The Stars at Mockingbird Station on October 18th

    There’s something quite delicious about a little innocent snooping – don’t you think? Before the Kardashians and the Housewives put reality entertainment at our fingertips, however, peering into the lives of others could very well turn dangerous. So learn Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1954 suspense thriller Rear Window.     Therein, Stewart, as adventure-loving news photographer L.B. “Jeff” Jefferies, gets a case of cabin fever during his recovery from an injury sustained on assignment. To pass the time, he takes to spying on his unsuspecting neighbors through a telescopic lens.   At first vexed, then insatiably curious herself, Grace Kelly plays Jeff’s gorgeous girlfriend, Lisa Carol Fremont. A professional in the fashion field, she floats through the film in ensembles to-die-for, soon drawn into her lover’s voyeuristic hobby.     Add in amazing costumes by famed Hollywood designer Edith Head, and a supporting cast of eccentric characters, and Rear Window is classic film at its finest.     Join DFW Style Daily for a screening of Rear Window under the stars during Mockingbird Station’s “Hitchcocktober” celebration on October 18th. We’ll meet on the Level Two Mezzanine near the Angelika Film Center at 7:30, and like all great Hitchcock flicks, this event has a twist.   Our DFW Style Daily movie night will be a glamorous pajama party. Come dressed in your finest sleepwear, if you wish, and we’ll be awarding prizes for the best cute and cozy looks. Admission is free, and so are the Hollywood thrills and chills. See you there!   For more information, please visit our Event Calendar.   (All photos via    

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