Trending: Gothic Architecture

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As references to ‘The Twilight Saga’ and ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ still permeate our conversations, the sting of a Gothic look returns to fashion this fall.


Darkly appealing on women of all ages, the mood is Vampira-meets-Harley Davidson, with a touch of Joan Jett in the mix. Choose your muse, and style accordingly.


From motorcycle jackets to slim-cut jeans to utility boots, we saw structure in black on the runways of Ann Demeulemeester, Tom Ford, and more. Below, find a few of our top Gothic picks.




Layers in leather from Ann Demeulemeester.












Costume National employs strategic cuts to reveal just enough skin.












Alexander Wang’s jacket reflects a military influence.












Makeup mirrors a Gothic ensemble at Givenchy.












Raven black on charcoal grey, from Helmut Lang.












Finally, Tom Ford’s look is luxurious and sensual, as always.












(Photo credits, from top 1. Marcus Tondo/, 2. Yannis Vlamos/, 3. Gianni Pucci/, 4. Monica Feudi/, 5. Yannis Vlamos/, 6. Tom Ford)



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