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Our charting of trends for the upcoming season continues today with a bravo for brocades. From graphic designs to textured prints, these embellished silken and upholstery-like fabrics made an impression on fall runways.


Both home-grown American designers and global names utilized the detailed materials, including Ralph Lauren, Gucci, and even J. Crew. Adding a certain depth, warmth, and richness to a garment, the effect is aristocratic, pampered.


Below, we’ll highlight a few of our favorite looks that go for brocade.




From Dries Van Noten, gilded asymmetry.













Gucci’s royal, fur-collared wrap.













At Louis Vuitton, an impeccably appliquéd shift.













Also from Louis Vuitton, detailed takes on new meaning.













Marchesa’s look is both feminine and strong.












J. Crew, naturally, shows a very wearable, statement-making brocade print.












Finally, Ralph Lauren’s black and gold show-stopper is timeless.











(Photo credits, from top: 1. – 4. Gianni Pucci via, 5. Filippo Fior via, 6., 7. Gianni Pucci via



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