At Saks Fifth Avenue, Your Personal Shopping Experience Awaits

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An exclusive, V.I.P. Saks Fifth Avenue shopping experience is closer and more convenient than you think. In fact, it’s (almost) right in your own back yard.


At Galleria Dallas, a private elevator at our one-and-only Saks location is ready to whisk you away to the Fifth Avenue Club suite of luxury personal shopping apartments. An appointment is all it takes for any customer – repeat, any customer – to indulge in this service. Imagine rooms filled with clothes, bags, shoes, and jewelry, per your personal taste, as well as the opportunity to experience a relaxing facial or makeover from one of Saks’ premium cosmetic brands.


Sounds like a shopper’s dream, no? Check out our video below for a taste of the Fifth Avenue Club experience. Your own appointment is but a phone call away, at 972-458-7000.



Videography and editing by Ric Mulligan.


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