Treat Yourself: Fall In ‘Love’ With Erin Johnson Jewelry

    Dallas designer Erin Johnson’s ‘Love Erin Designs’ jewelry line was born of her desire for unique items that she couldn't find in stores.     Her philosophy stems from the belief that jewelry is one of the easiest ways we have of showing people who we are, of expressing ourselves. A beautiful, wearable piece of art sends a message in a small but meaningful way.     We discovered ‘Love Erin Designs’ this week at Elements (4400 Lovers Ln., Dallas), where the items are now exclusively available. Priced between $75 and $250, custom designs can also be ordered. Visit Erin Johnson’s blog, Work With What You’ve Got, to keep up with her inspirations or to contact her via email.     (Photos, courtesy of Elements and Erin Johnson)  

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