Obsession Confession: Paulette Martsolf

  Because we’re always searching for our next fashion fixation, DFW Style Daily regularly reveals the current obsessions of our city’s top tastemakers. Today, Dallas designer Paulette Martsolf is playing head games with us as she makes her personal confession.   Martsolf, who is already well-known as the founder and designer behind Snider Plaza atelier Allie-Coosh, recently launched a new dedicated jewelry line, Accoutrer. It turns out, however, that statement-making necklaces, earrings, and bracelets aren’t her only accessory-based addiction.  As DFW Style Daily prepares to feature stunning pieces from Accoutrer during our White Hot One anniversary bash, we’ve learned that Martsolf’s secret to a polished look takes a head-to-toe approach.   The Obsession: Martsolf admits she’s all about haute hair, revealing that she loves, “Wigs, wigs, wigs!”     The Confession: “I had completed a business meeting, and was heading back to Allie-Coosh,” the statuesque beauty recalls of her first foray into wigging out. “Wig shopping locations had been predetermined for months, and my vehicle just started driving to the closest venue.” Her trip ended with the purchase of five new coifs.         The Rationalization: Calling her wigs a shortcut to fun, quirky confidence, Martsolf adds, “Clothing and jewelry are my obsession, so one more item to complete the look is thrilling!” Her husband also appreciates her luxe locks, and she notes that he was “shocked,” but very pleasantly so, the first time she snuggled up next to him as a long-haired brunette.     The Collection: “I’ve stopped counting the number of wigs I own, but they come in every color. My biggest challenge is finding shapes, so I have started styling my own,” the designer details of her cache of fabulously deceptive locks.           Shop It: Dallas boasts several great shopping destinations, no matter the type or style of wig you’re after. For inexpensive options, we recommend a trip to the Lemmon Wig Shop (4317 Lemmon Ave.). If you seek a more customized look, The Beauty Box Salon (4209 Herschel Ave.) and Mimi’s Wig Boutique (7522 Campbell Rd.) offer ideal service.     (All photos, credit Greg Daniels)    

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