Heather’s Diary: Anne Fontaine’s Fashionable Fête Nationale

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“French style is effortless and elegant…at the heart of my designs.”  – Anne Fontaine


Ah, the French woman. So intriguing. So chic. So undeniably appealing.

With the designer’s Paris flagship opening next month, Anne Fontaine certainly knows how to capture the perfect balance of femininity and slight defiance that’s ever-so-sexy and utterly French. The designer’s Highland Park Village boutique celebrated the French people’s joie de vivre this Bastille Day, and I found plenty of inspiration on my visit. Fontaine’s current collections showcase a glamorous mix of textures and materials. Pristine whites and sultry black lace, with intimate pops of rich color, add a playful note perfect for inspiring a fine romance.

















Photos, credit Heather Lettieri for DFW Style Daily. Additional photography by Rachel Eichhorn. With special thanks to the team at Anne Fontaine and to Bistro 31 Lounge and Champagne Room.


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