Fashion (Sorta) Meets Function: 7 Double-Duty Wardrobe Wonders

  Ever look into that black hole of a closet and realize your clothes aren't pulling their weight? Guys, shouldn’t your sweats be working hard, too? And ladies, when was the last time that little black dress did something nice for you? Because we live in a world where multi-tasking is a daily necessity, we present the following collection of "dual purpose clothing". From the ingenious to the absurd, some of these wearables are wonderful, and others, not so much.     Tired of twisted, tangled, or missing headphones? Rusty’s hoodies ($74.50) come with built-in washable headphone drawstrings, so you can jam out worry free!             What happens when you combine a flask and a Wonderbra? The Wine Rack ($29.95), cleverly designed to smuggle 25 oz. of your favorite beverage into any sporting event, nightclub, or conservative office environment.             And if you're not concerned about getting the drinks into the party, but getting into the drinks at the party, this bottle-opener ring ($7.99) is a more subtle solution.             One of the most iconic double-duty accessories is also every nerd's dream. Go ahead and flash 58008 on Casio’s Calculator Watch ($24.95). You’ve earned it.             For all you suave Clark Kent types out there, the Hankie Notebook ($9.99) is any dapper reporter's best friend.             Perhaps our favorite find of the bunch, the Twirkle Dress (£280.00) lights up like a Christmas tree covered in disco balls via motion-activated LED technology.                     And lastly, we’re sorry, Goody, but you're not fooling anybody with these hair elastic bracelets ($4.99). Come on, really?             (Photo credits, from top 1., 2., 3., 4., 5., 6., 7.    

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