Obsession Confession: Jeanette Chivvis

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What keeps Good Morning Texas stylist Jeanette Chivvis preoccupied when she’s not busy reviewing her favorite finds as the morning show’s Frugal Fashionista?  Shopping and all things design-related, of course, which is just what we’d expect. Unexpected, however, is that Chivvis, who has styled photo shoots for diverse clients including Vogue Italia, InTouch, and Dallas’ Dapper magazine takes some international inspiration for her top summer must-have.



The Obsession: Tikkas, beautifully jewelled Indian headdresses.


The Confession: “I love ornate Indian jewelry, and when I discovered the tikka, I was in heaven,” Chivvis reveals of her headstrong addiction.





The Rationalization: “They bring such an ethereal, mysterious pop to any look, and I feel transported to another time and place when I wear one,” the stylist notes. “Plus, I love using them in my editorial work as well, to take a look to an unexpected level.”




The Collection: Chivvis supplements her tikka collection through improvisation. She explains, “When I don’t have an actual tikka, I sometimes use old necklaces and make them into a headdress. I recently wore one to DIFFA, and felt like I had stepped out of a Bollywood film!”





Shop It: Chivvis shops website Luxemi.com for top-tier tikkas. Locally, our favorite stop for multicultural finds is mini-chain Another Time and Place, where you’ll definitely snag necklaces and other accessories that can be transitioned into the look.



(Photo credits, from top: 1. Randy Anderson, 2. Steven Wallace)




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