Tress Relief: A Dallas Pro’s Best Blowout Tips

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“In all my 32 years as a stylist, blow drying was the last thing I learned how to do well,” reveals master hairdresser Les Christianson. In addition to his impeccable cuts and perfect color applications, this Dallas pro knows that styling is the key to tress satisfaction, both in the salon and back at home. But it ain’t easy.

Eschewing malls and chains in favor of his own atelier in Highland Park (4215 Herschel Ave., Suite B), Christianson arms his select group of clients with the proper tools and tricks to duplicate a salon-blown look on their own. Or at least, really darn close.

Today, he’ll share a few of these insider gems in honor of DFW Style Daily’s Summer Beauty Week. Read on and prepare to take a new look at your blow drying regimen.


1. Condition Carefully

Christianson knows that a great style begins at the bowl. He never over-conditions, and neither should you. “After shampooing,” he warns, “work conditioner through the very ends of your hair only, avoiding the scalp area.”


2. Whip Up Some Mousse

Next, the recent ‘80s redux isn’t limited to neon accessories and floral mini skirts. A certain hair product from the Culture Club-era is making a comeback as well. “The very best body builder is mousse. I’ve yet to find anything that works better, without weighing fine hair down.”

3. Mix A Cocktail

That said, our expert never settles for a one-note approach. “Before blow drying, I always mix every product with Slush Gloss by Framesi,” he reveals. “Four or five drops of this shine-enhancing serum make every product work better, especially on color-treated hair.”


4. Make Repairs

For those with frizzy, over-processed, or otherwise less-than-perfect hair, Christianson also knows the power of Argan Oil. A relatively new product derived from the Moroccan Argan tree, he swears by its ability to bring dry, damaged hair back to life.


5. Switch To Square

Finally, anyone who has juggled brush, clips, and dryer at once will laugh along with the expert as he jokes, “If you grew a third arm extending from your back, you could easily style your hair like a professional.”

But, since that isn’t happening anytime soon, Christianson recommends a curious tool we should all add to our at-home arsenals. “I recently discovered square brushes, and I haven’t looked back,” states the former round brush loyalist. “I use iTools Nano-Ionic conditioning square brushes, specifically. The shape is easier on the wrist as it creates the tension necessary for smooth, silky styles.”


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