Off The Cuff: An Editor’s Note

  At the behest of staffers and readers, I’m kicking off a new initiative. Starting this week, I’ll hit the ground running each Monday with an off the cuff letter, detailing a few things I just can’t get out of my head. Just flotsam and jetsam, really. Hope you like.   For starters, I bought a big, ugly tackle box this weekend, and not because I’m taking up (ew) fishing. No, I’ll be storing my jewelry in it, Rachel Zoe-style, as my collection is currently heaped and piled around my house like so much pirate's booty. Arrrrrgh. Wish me luck with organizing. …I also caught a screening of Snow White and the Huntsman this weekend. Kristen Stewart did a lot of staring and posing - no surprises there - but the movie as a whole was a sight to be seen. What do you think of this gown, worn by Charlize Theron’s Queen Ravenna on her wedding day?     And speaking of stunning fairy tale weddings, have you scoped out the lovely feature on DFW Style Daily contributor Toni Munoz-Hunt’s wedding in the latest PaperCity? If not, grab your copy soon. It’s just another reminder of how much I’m constantly floored by the amazing accomplishments of our team outside of the realm of DFW Style Daily, and honored that they find time in their schedules to contribute to our publication. Carlos Alonso, in fact, is heading off to NYC in coming days to style Kate Hudson. Not too shabby! (By the way, that's his little dog, Abby, that I'm smothering in the lead pic.)     Moving on, if you like the look of the photo above (and why wouldn’t you?), you’ll love what’s coming your way Wednesday. One of my very favorite things is the discovery of a new local designer, and the talented gent we'll be introducing is surely going places. We photographed several of his all-American looks on a shiny retro-cool boat from Black Watch Sailing Charters on Lake Grapevine last month. Jealous? Thought you might be. Makes all that digging through the less-than-stunning stuff in my inbox worthwhile. Don’t ask.     …What else? Well, I feel like I’m still reeling from the excitement of Fresh Faces, or maybe my retinas were permanently damaged by the glare off my dress. Anyway, I was honored to learn that night that Dallas designer Ashley Burghardt (pictured above, far left) has named one of her newest clothing designs for yours truly. That’s a first, and I can’t wait to rock my pair of “Lisa” pants this summer. Ashley’s wearing them in the picture above.     Finally, I promised one Miss Nancy Upton that I’d start answering questions within this new feature as well. (Bossy, that girl!) Knowing I’m pretty well obsessed with the tee shirt, and damned picky as hell about those I choose to wear, she suggested I reveal a few of my favorite brands and styles. Here they are: Madewell Hi-Line Long Sleeve Tee (in stores only), Target Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Short Sleeve Pocket Vee Tee (I buy heather grey and white in multiples), and this Saint James Minquiers III Tee from J. Crew in ecru/black is on my current to-buy list. ...Because yes, sometimes a tee is worth $75.   My best to you,   Lisa Petty, Editor [email protected]     (Photo credits, from top: 1. © 2012 - Universal Pictures, 2. James Edward for DFW Style Daily, 3. Plano Pete via Facebook, 4. and  

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