Video Exclusive: Share A Laugh With Jonathan Adler

  This Tuesday, we treated you to a one-on-one chat with Jonathan Adler, along with a tour of his brand-new Dallas boutique, located at 4525 McKinney Avenue.   A potter by trade, Adler’s ever-growing empire now includes everything from home décor to a handbag line to iPhone covers. In our first interview, Adler shared insights and tips for achieving a “happy chic” look at home.   …But you’ll never guess which television shows this stylish gent favors (not in a million years). And what, you might wonder, does he have in common with Madonna? Prepare for a laugh as you learn the answer to these burning questions, and more, below:   YouTube Preview Image     Videography and editing by Ric Mulligan; lead photo courtesy Buzzell Co.

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