Offbeat Shopping: Versona Accessories

  What’s that you say? The big event you've been waiting for is finally next week? Hooray! You're going to wear that amazing dress you scooped up on sale weeks ago (clever girl), and you couldn't be more ready. Except, that is, for the accessories.   Finding earrings (and maybe a purse, and possibly shoes) to match your frock perfectly is no simple task. You could drive over to discount megastore Sam Moon, but who has time to deal with those crazy crowds? You could also head to a designer boutique, but what if your budget doesn’t allow for your one-time-use add-ons to cost more than your dress?   Allow me to recommend Versona Accessories (183 Town Place, Fairview).   Like a sophisticated older sister to accessories boutique chain Charming Charlie, she's slightly more mature and much calmer, and she offers a higher quality of items at a comparable price point.  

  While not actually owned by the same company as Charming Charlie, upon entering Versona, you’ll note much the same feel. Everything is divided by color and style, with tribal bangles and wood necklaces grouped together with other neutral tones, silver with silver, and so on. In fact, the rainbow range of kiosks within the store provides just about any hue you seek. Plus, as opposed to other accessory warehouses, Versona contains almost as many on-trend items as it does classic staples. (Here, however, those trendy goodies do not seem to attract throngs of loud teens.)   In addition, a tempting clothing department sets Versona apart from the crowd. With a mix ranging from casual to professional, club wear to yachting togs, the store has a fantastic selection of blouses, pants, skirts, and dresses. Sizes XXS-24 are represented.  

  The shoe department also shines. I spied a colorful row of adorable espadrilles for $22. Clearance selections were abundant as well, offering fabulous statement necklaces as low as $7 a piece. Large stone cuffs (which I've seen carry a hefty price tag at Dallas boutiques) rang in at a mere $5.99. In other words, you need to go to Versona.   Sound too good to be true? Well, there is a catch.   For now, you'll have to drive out to The Village at Fairview to visit Versona. However, on May 24th, a brand-new location will be opening at Preston Park Village in Plano. With its gentle price-points, huge designer-inspired selection and good quality, this new addition will surely gain a loyal following.   (All photos, credit DFW Style Daily)  

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