Nine-Eighteen Makes a Dazzling Debut

  Have you ever noticed that when you buy jewelry, it's always for a happy occasion? No matter how much money you spend on a piece, or how long it takes to acquire it, the journey to find exactly what you're looking for is always motivated by love and appreciation. Then, when you hand someone a gift of fine jewelry that you've carefully selected for them, they are overjoyed and beyond thankful. However, it's hard to remember those things when you're standing in the mall before an inexperienced clerk who only cares about whether or not he’s going to land his next sale. Sigh. If you're making a purchase from the heart, don't you deserve a calm respite from the hustle and bustle, where you can make a uniquely fantastic decision with the help of caring and knowledgeable people? Yes, you do.  

  Meet your new best friends, Kim Burgan and Darin Kunz, co-creators of Nine-Eighteen (3131 Turtle Creek Blvd., Suite 915, Dallas), a new jewelry boutique that offers the utmost in quality, customer service, and craftsmanship. Darin and Kim are siblings with a family legacy in fine jewelry design. Their parents, married on September 18th (hence the name Nine-Eighteen), created a modern-day Brady Bunch. Years later, stories of brother-sister childhood rivalries have given way to the perfect pair of business partners. They understand the jewelry business from the ground up, through the initial design phases and the selection of metals and precious stones, to caring for each customer's needs. They help you find or design a piece of jewelry that compliments the person for whom it is intended. Nine-Eighteen is located in a high-rise office building - not exactly the usual locale for a jewelry store. The spot, however, offers a quiet and luxurious atmosphere with an intimate setting. Following my visit last week, I can attest to this fact. Further, upon entering Nine-Eighteen, you are the point of focus, not whichever items are on sale, not the next commission, and not the ten other shoppers hanging around. And then, there are the jewels.  

  "We don't necessarily want people to see a ring and think, 'Oh wow, that ring is beautiful, it is so Nine-Eighteen,'" Darin explained to me. "We want people to see a ring and say, 'Oh wow, that ring is beautiful, it is so you." Speaking of rings (and other things), there was not a single piece in the showroom that I didn’t want to take home. Everything was distinctive and eye-catching, ranging from classic and understated to over-the-top bling-tastic. What’s more, if you have an idea in mind, the Nine-Eighteen team can make it happen. White gold, black Rhodium, Platinum and diamonds of black, brown, yellow, green, and more – the choices are endless. Plus, the durability and quality far exceed mass-manufactured jewelry.  

  Lastly, you may believe that this custom-design approach absolutely means breaking the bank, but Nine-Eighteen offers a nice range of prices. Remember, you deserve nothing less than full concierge service when you're investing in a piece of fine jewelry. By building a relationship with their clients based on trust and understanding, Darin and Kim create a memorable shopping experience at Nine-Eighteen that you can look back on and cherish. Perfect for gifts, weddings and engagements, special occasions, or treating yourself to something beautiful, this new boutique is not to be missed.   Nine-Eighteen is open by appointment only; call 214-252-1918 to schedule.  

  (All photos, credit Nine-Eighteen)  

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