Dallas Daughters Share Mom’s Best Style Advice, Part 3

  She is often our first Style Icon, and so many of us fell in love with fashion at her side. As we peered into her jewelry box and teetered about in her high heels, Mom became our mentor, our model, and our muse. In honor of Mother’s Day, coming this Sunday, May 13th, DFW Style Daily presents the final installment in our three-part mini-series, featuring our city’s most fashionable ladies. Read on as they share memories, tips, and more, from their own mothers. Explore Part 1 and Part 2 for more stylish stories, and from all of us to you, Happy Mother’s Day!     Sarah Jones Founder and Designer, STATUS “My Mom's best style advice, which has been the inspiration for one of my main theories on fashion and dressing, was, ‘Dress how you want to feel, not necessarily how you feel.’ In other words, if you're having a bad day and you put on sweatpants and a baggy tee shirt, all day people will ask, ‘Oh my gosh, are you ill? Are you okay? You look awful.’ Instead, if you’re feeling less than fabulous, put on your cutest outfit and some extra lipstick, or whatever extra oomph you opt in for the day. Wouldn't you much rather have people compliment you? That feels good! It can also be the difference in turning your day around. Use your wardrobe to create how you want to feel, and the feelings themselves will usually follow. I've taken this idea one step further, and I truly believe our wardrobe is a form of communication to the rest of the world. So, be intentional about what you're saying!”       Priya Bhola Rathod On-Camera Reporter, DFW Style Daily “My Mother's love for her two daughters knows no bounds. Through both a successful career, and consistently being an amazing mother and wife, she has set an incredible example for me and my sister. Whenever the three of us have a formal Indian events to attend, we all sit down on my parents' bed and go through all of my Mom's antique and Indian jewelry. It has become a tradition we truly look forward to, and it sometimes includes my sister and I arguing about which sets we would like to be passed down to us!  My Mom has an uncanny ability to know which pieces will look best with the Indian outfits we have selected, and always has our best aesthetic interests in mind. A key piece of fashion advice my Mom has always given me is to wear colors that flatter my skin tone. She has never been one to shy away from color. While growing up in India, she was surrounded by clothes in vibrant colors, and quickly learned which ones looked best on her. She has also always encouraged me to dress for my body type, and to wear things that are flattering on my figure but never too tight or showy. She is an unbelievable woman, and I feel genuinely lucky that I was blessed with her as my Mom.”       Jennifer deSocarraz Board Member, Fashion Group International of Dallas “I am the product of two doctors, and they, too, are both products of doctors and scientists, and so on and so forth. Suffice it to say, it has always been an inside joke in my family that I must be adopted, not only because of my creative, right-brained infrastructure, but also because I become light-headed at the mere sight of blood! That said, fashion wasn't something that ever interested my mother, until it became obvious that it was the only thing that her only child was into. Because my mother has always approached everything in life with logic and sensibility, this made for some pretty colorful arguments, especially in the days of back-to-school shopping during my teenage years. Fortunately, though, these short-lived battles were often quickly forgotten, and as a result, I now know how to shop ‘smart’, all because of Mom. My Mother is now also my best friend, and I'm so thankful for everything she does. Not only is she a well-respected doctor, but she also serves in the Texas State Guard, holding a high rank as a Colonel and Regional Commander. She's also a really snazzy dresser. Yes, I'm extremely proud of Col. Christine deSocarraz, MD, a.k.a. Mom. She is one fabulous lady.”       Holly Quartaro Fashion Stylist, Galleria Dallas “While my mom always loved fashion, she was also very practical about her decisions. She taught me that an investment in key pieces often paid off, and buying quality basics made a real difference. For example, when I first started interviewing for a job, she helped me find a great suit with good construction, quality materials, and custom tailoring. I could break one suit up into dozens of looks. However, she also loved trends, and taught me to find great bargains on one-season splurges.”       Nancy Upton Contributor, DFW Style Daily “My Mom always encouraged me to wear any outfit or article of clothing that I liked, as long as I was comfortable and confident. There are some school photos of me looking pretty wacky, but I was always happy and allowed to express myself. This helped me develop a great sense of ‘Is this worth it?’ as I grew up, in turn allowing me skip uncomfortable or unflattering trends. Also, during the awkward stages between girlhood, young adulthood, and womanhood, my Mother shared with me a very important piece of advice. Legs or cleavage: pick one or the other. Showing off one might be sexy, but showing off both can make you look a little trampy.”       Jan Strimple Supermodel and Founder, Jan Strimple Productions “My Mother (pictured here, at right) provided an unorthodox style role model. Monday through Thursday, she would put a home-cooked meal on the table in ‘50s casual attire. Friday and Saturday nights would often find her belting out show tunes in dinner clubs between Cleveland, Toronto, and New York. She kept a wardrobe of show gowns, all topped off with chandelier earrings. No doubt, my comfort with glam came from absorbing it all from the front row of so many of her performances. Add modeling for a decade in the rarified world of haute couture and working as a muse to Bob Mackie, and I'd have to say that pretty much positioned me perfectly for an understanding of the power of glam. Also handed down from Mom's Mother was an innate sense of not following the fashion pack, of being very fashionable in ones' own way. Throughout the winter season, each Saturday, Mom and Grammy and my two sisters and I competed in a bowling league in the morning, had a bite of lunch, then hit the local Goodwill store. It was known affectionately in my family as ‘Paris’. Mom was a Depression-era toddler, so she was raised shopping the thrift stores out of need. Even when the need no longer existed, that shopping style remained. She still loves a great treasure hunt! I laughed when the fashion press gave us the term ‘high-low dressing’. My family's been mixing pricier pieces with great finds from ‘Paris’ for three generations! So, both in actual words and deeds, Mom urged the three of us to think for ourselves and to not follow the fashion pack. I am amused that my sense of style lead me from wearing clothes as a model to the presentation of fashion, as my thinking is not mainstream and it often runs against the grain of following trends. Further proof that Mom always knows best!”      

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