Dallas Daughters Share Mom’s Best Style Advice, Part 2

  She is often our first Style Icon, and so many of us fell in love with fashion at her side. As we peered into her jewelry box and teetered about in her high heels, Mom became our mentor, our model, and our muse. In honor of Mother’s Day, coming this Sunday, May 13th, DFW Style Daily presents the second installment in our three-part mini-series, featuring our city’s most fashionable ladies. Read on as they share memories, tips, and more, from their own mothers. From all of us to you, Happy Mother’s Day!       Paulette Martsolf Owner and Designer, Allie-Coosh and Accoutrer     “I remember when my Mom told me that a black dress is always elegant. To this day, black is my favorite color to wear. Mom is always right.  Funny, though, that in this photo she wears black and I wear a bright color. Defiant little gal!  I love you, Mom!”             Abby Gregory Contributor, DFW Style Daily   “She has beautifully simple style, and my Mom stocks up on polished staples that don't cause closet-related drama when getting dressed. She used to tell my sister and me, ‘Nothing beats a white blouse and great jewelry.’ We didn't pay much attention to that, however, until we got older! When in doubt, I almost always end up wearing a white tee or silk blouse with statement jewels, usually my Great-Grandmother's turquoise necklaces and bracelets. We three Gregory girls also collect silk scarves, cocktail jackets, and bags, which we share from season to season. In doing so, we get a cost-free way to update our wardrobes, and a fun connection with each other.”     Heather Lettieri Author, Against The Grain   “I've never known my mother, Laura, to follow a trend in her life. Though hardly anything in her closet is new, her style remains fresh, chic, and pulled-together. She is an effortlessly classic and enviably stylish woman. She always told me that good taste can't be taught, and she helped me to develop my own style through encouraging me to express myself freely and experiment with passion while I was young. Her best advice was, ‘Choose quality over quantity without being a walking advertisement.’ She stressed to me how important it was to invest in a few well-made key pieces that I could wear for years to come, sprucing them up each season with on-trend statement accessories. I fully understand the wisdom of this advice now, though when I was growing up, it was harder to disregard silly fads or coveted labels. She also warned that if your toes aren't painted, keep them covered,  and always check your rear end in the mirror before you leave the house. Always.”     Toni Munoz-Hunt Contributor, DFW Style Daily     “My Mom taught me two important rules that I still live by today. First, she encouraged me to buy classic pieces, even if I had to pay a little more. She knew they would work in my wardrobe for as long as I kept them. Second, she taught me not to be afraid to be different. If you wear it with confidence it'll look like couture!”             Bri Crum Founder, Plan B PR   "My Mother is my best friend and one of the most important people in the world to me. Since I was a little girl, I looked up to her for two reasons: her business ethic and acumen, and her fashion sense. When I was a senior in high school, we lived in San Diego where we dealt with terrible fires every year. Once, we had to evacuate as a major fire headed straight toward our home. My Mom was out of town on business, so I called her to ask which items she wanted me to pack. You might think I would have suggested family photos and items with historic significance; instead, I asked her if she wanted me to pack her black Bebe dress. You can certainly see where my priorities were at that point in life!   As I got older, I fell in love with her business sense, dedication, and work ethic. So much so, that I followed in her footsteps and together we started an event planning company. We also became fashion consultants for the same L.A.-based designer, eventually becoming the company’s top sales consultants. I couldn't have done any of it without my Mom. She is my heart and soul. I hope she taught me everything she knows, as I would love to be the same inspiration to my sweet five-year-old daughter, Samantha."   Courtney and Allison Edwards Authors, Where Wear In The City “Our love for fashion began at an early age in our Grandmother’s closet. With a love for Hollywood glamour, statement accessories, and matching heels and handbags, our Grandmother inspired us to love fashion and to never be afraid to make a statement! The best wisdom she shared with us was, ‘It’s not about how much money you spend or where you shop, it’s about finding what you like and dressing it up to make it look expensive.’ From our Mother, we were always encouraged to express our individuality and create our own style. She always gave us the freedom to put our own outfits together. We definitely get our love for shopping from our Mom!”       Finley Moll Co-Founder and Designer, The Finley Shirt   “While growing up in Houston, I would watch in awe as my glamorous Mother would dress for the Houston social scene. I picked up more than a few tips from this stylish and spunky lady. Her crisp and tailored look was always accented with bright color and clean whites. The concept of creating a great pulled-together look by using a few key pieces (and not junking it up with a bunch of little stuff) is probably the most important fashion advice I learned from her. This idea is the key behind putting on a great ‘Finley Shirt’, and your outfit is complete – a concept which is always on my mind as I design the shirt collection. Happy Mother's Day, Mom!”    

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