Dallas Daughters Share Mom’s Best Style Advice, Part 1

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She is often our first Style Icon, and so many of us fell in love with fashion at her side. As we peered into her jewelry box and teetered about in her high heels, Mom became our mentor, our model, and our muse.

In honor of Mother’s Day, coming this Sunday, May 13th, DFW Style Daily is proud to present a three-part mini-series featuring our city’s most fashionable ladies. Beginning today, they’ll share memories, tips, and more, from their own mothers.

From all of us to you, Happy Mother’s Day!


Rhonda Sargent Chambers
RSC Show Productions
Contributor, DFW Style Daily


“Yesterday and today, my mother is still the strongest influence on my own personal style and taste. In my senior year of high school, I was awarded ‘Best Dressed’, but it was really my mom’s closet that should have taken the honors.

My mother was trained by Stanley Marcus, and in the late ‘70s was a retail store manager at NorthPark Center. The biggest style tip that she showed me, by example, was to go tonal with color hue combinations. Mixing patterns and textures with similar color stories was her forte. She also handed down to me her alligator and snakeskin handbags, which rival any acclaimed vintage collection!”





Chandra North Blaylock
Model and DFW Style Daily Best Dressed 2012 Honoree



“From her many years of selling couture clothing, my stylish mom taught me the importance of taking care of your wardrobe. She emphasized turning off the closet light (in order to prevent fading), carefully packing away the winter wear to keep out pesky moths, and not over-laundering.

She took pains to do these things and hence, has passed down some fabulous designer treasures to me. Thank you, Mom!”







Rachel Fresquez
Marketing Coordinator, West Village


“I was lucky to grow up with a younger mother than most. She was always so stylish, and liked to push the envelope when it came to fashion. I think we were both equally excited when I finally reached the age where we could share our clothes and shoes!

My most cherished item handed down to me from my mother are my diamond studs. She explained that diamond studs are a fashion staple that any young woman should have, no matter the size. The special thing about my earrings is that one of them was the diamond from her engagement ring. She waited until I was eighteen and gave them to me on my birthday; seven years later I am still wearing them proudly. I don’t think I’ve gone a day without them. I can’t wait to hand them down to my little girl one day on her eighteenth birthday, and carry on the tradition.”





Hanh Merriman
Author, Life in Travel
DFW Style Daily Best Dressed 2012 Honoree


“I know that every girl would say that her mom is the best mom in the world. I say that myself – I will always say it, and I’m proud to say it. Without her, I wouldn’t be who I am. The moment when I had my first child, the moment I became a parent, I wanted to be a ‘best mom’ too, and I also wanted to be a greater daughter to my mom. I’m trying my best to teach and guide my own children as my mother did for me.

My mom is not only a person who influenced how I see life, but she also influenced how I dress. As she told me when I was a young adult, ‘To be an attractive lady means not only how you dress, but also how you show your inner beauty. It doesn’t mean you show a lot of skin.  In fact, too much skin may give people the wrong impression.’



The handbag in this picture was her treasure, the first gift from my dad to her, over sixty years ago. When I was a little girl, I used to go into her closet and dream of carrying it one day. Now, I’m proud to carry it.  My mom is truly an inspiration for my life.”



Capera Ryan
Senior Vice President, Managing Director of Southwest Region, Christie’s



“My mother and grandmother are the two most stylish women I have ever known. I owe all I have learned to them. I remember, as young as three years old, going to Neiman Marcus Downtown, where models would give my mother and grandmother private shows of the newest collections. I am blessed to have these two fashionable and remarkable women to influence my style and fashion!”








Cynthia Smoot
Author, Oh So Cynthia


“My Mom is not a girly-girl. She has never been into fashion, and never wears much jewelry. It’s just not her style. She grew up riding horses and climbing trees, and she sees beauty in nature, not eye shadow. That’s not to say that she doesn’t take pride in her appearance, but it doesn’t define her.

Mom’s lesson to me and my sister was that life shouldn’t be about outward beauty and material possessions. It’s what inside that really counts. My grandmother (and then my mother) used to say, “Pretty is as pretty does.”  Of course, as a teenager, I thought she was ridiculous. But, as I have gotten older, I now agree with her that a beautiful soul is a crucial foundation for being a beautiful person.”





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