Obsession Confession: Steve Kemble

  DFW Style Daily is downright addicted to revealing the fashion fixations of our city’s top trendsetters. Today, we feature the obsession of celebrity-about-town Steve Kemble.   As America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru, you’ve probably perused Kemble’s cheeky commentary for US Weekly’s “Fashion Police”. Or you might have seen him on Fox 4 as Good Day’s “Stylin’ Steve.” Or maybe you’ve heard him dishing with Lite FM’s morning personalities, Gene and Julie. In other words, he’s one busy guy.   Today, Kemble shares some advice – and admonitions - for well-dressed men exclusively with us.   The Obsession: “I love scarves, and have a huge variety in many styles by amazing designers,” Kemble divulges.   The Confession: Elaborating on what drives this obsession, our expert notes,  “Personally, I feel they make much more of a fashion statement than a tie. I decided to conduct my own online poll, and I asked 25 women what they thought of a scarf on a man. Nineteen women replied with pretty much the same answer - it's sexy!”       The Rationalization: “Men’s ties have become very expensive, and a scarf also sets you creatively apart from the crowd,” Kemble observes. With his signature sass, he adds, “Put ‘em on, boys! But don’t just tie it around your neck - your angry girlfriend can choke you with it!”           The Collection: Describing his personal preferences, the Guru states, “I have close to 70 scarves. Some of my favorites are Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, Jimmy Choo, and Gucci.”             Wear It: Giving us a little extra commentary in this week’s Obsession Confession, Kemble provides five key steps to achieving the perfect scarf look.
  • Fold a long scarf into an oblong shape. Fold it accordion-style, or simply fold it in half lengthwise several times until you achieve your desired width.
  • Fold that oblong in half, ends to ends, creating a loop.
  • Place the folded scarf behind your neck, and bring the looped end and the loose ends to the front.
  • Take the two loose ends and pull them through the loop.
  • Tighten the ends until the scarf fits as snugly around your neck as you wish.
    (Photo credits, from top: Lead image, credit Steve Kemble via Facebook, 1. Thomas Mosely, Art of Mind Productions, LLC, 2. Barneys.com, 3. Steve Kemble)    

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