Offbeat Shopping: Curiosities


  Part hipster paradise and part Storage Wars, the treasures to be found at Curiosities (2025 Abrams Rd., Dallas) are many. This multi-vendor antique and vintage store adorns its Lakewood doorstep with old footlockers and rusty signs, making the idea of stopping in to spruce up your closet seem a bit silly. However, beyond mannequin parts, mismatched silverware, and unusual lamps, there’s plenty of wardrobe gold.   As you walk into Curiosities (with T-Model Ford’s raw blues setting the mood), you’ll first spy the jewelry cases. There are huge glass-front chests, workshop cabinets, buckets, baskets, and more, all filled with jewelry both vintage and handcrafted by local artisans. In addition to classic cuffs and strands of pearls, there are uncommon items made with old keys, locks, cogs, shells, bone, and even carved jade.  

  Curiosities also offers quite a selection of vintage clothing, from dresses to suits to pajamas. Most of the clothing vendor booths are located in the back half of the store, but purses and hats (including a great rack of gently-priced vintage flapper styles from the 1920’s) are scattered throughout the space. Many items are classics, but a few are one-of-a-kind finds, like a retro bathing suit from Mexico or a purse made out of cigarette packs from the 1940’s. While you’re at it, pick up some hairbrushes from the 1950’s and an old school makeup lamp to get the full bygone era experience.   Even if this “quirky and found” aesthetic is not your cup of tea, Curiosities would still be a fabulous place to pick up a gift for that special someone. Beautiful knives, lighters, harmonicas, fishing lures, and vintage combs would make memorable Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts, and slim ties (great for grads) are just $12 dollars each. For our craftier readers, there’s a huge wall of vintage fabrics and lace in adorable patterns, just begging to be transformed into wearable art. And don’t forget to grab a handful of buttons to add the finishing touch to a shirt or dress.  

  So, the next time you’re in the market for something absolutely unique, why buy a piece of jewelry or item of clothing that just looks authentic or vintage? The treasures you’ll find at Curiosities, as well as the truly curious environment, will remind you that you aren’t just thoughtlessly shopping. Instead, you’re taking home a fun and functioning piece of history.     (All photos, credit DFW Style Daily)

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