Offbeat Shopping: Retro Revolution

  Retro Revolution (5429 Greenville Ave., Dallas) describes itself as, “A place to come and discover new choices that will enhance your life.” Lest this sentence leave you guessing, its Facebook page also boasts the title, “Best Headshop in Dallas.”   I must admit, I immediately wondered if I’d made a huge mistake as I opened the door to the spacious store and was hit with a powerful wave of Nag Champa. I saw t-shirts covered in alien nightscapes and ‘Legalize It’ signs, and feared this particular selection might be a little too offbeat. But then, seemingly out of nowhere, they appeared: blue John Fluevog platform heels.   Finding Fluevogs in Dallas is not an easy task, as any devotee of the unique brand can attest. I was unfortunately unable to snap a pic (awestruck as I was), but the presence of this one pair, a fun play on the footwear we’ve seen recently at Paris fashion week, gave me the strength to wade into the Retro world.  

  To the immediate left of the entrance is the clothing section. Mannequin hangers are styled in classic hippie attire with updated twists. Imagine what Kate Hudson’s character in Almost Famous would wear if she were going to Sunday brunch. Tunics in tribal and floral prints abounded, but I especially loved a multicolor Nepalese tube dress ($59.99, pictured above) and a nude lace dress (46.99) for their versatility. Both could be dressed up with statement jewelry, or paired with comfy sandals and a simple scarf.   Accessories, including bags and jewelry, also impressed. Most are crafted in leather or organic materials like hemp, and most are handmade. Adorable casual bags, like one in purple suede fringe ($24.99, pictured above) and a wicker picnic box ($35), would be fun wardrobe adds for summer. Retro even surprised me with some high-end offerings in this category, including a Wabag purse ($369.99, pictured below), handcrafted by the Hmong women of Asia using vintage fabrics and intricate needlework. I’ve seen similar bags at high-end local boutiques.  

  In short, if you’re looking for some classic bohemian pieces, this is a great place to find the real deal. Sure, Retro Revolution attracts its share of shoppers seeking pipes and Grateful Dead tees, but there is also beautiful artwork and, as noted, some of the coolest handmade accessories I’ve seen in Dallas. Not to mention, everyone I encountered in this clean, bright store was friendly and helpful. In fact, when I politely declined any help from a sunny sales clerk, she happily responded, “Right on.”   Wouldn’t hear that at the mall, would you? Far out, man.     (All photos, credit DFW Style Daily)

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