Offbeat Shopping: Maria’s Closet




The joy of finding a hidden boutique gem (and the point of this entire series) is sharing that find with the world and saying, “Go here! It’s wonderful!” But with this particular find, I’m torn.


On the one hand, spots like Maria’s Closet (420 West Davis St., #B, Dallas) don’t really exist any more in the big city. A resale store with great prices and quality and a down-to-earth staff? Sign me up. However, on the other hand, if I tell everyone about it, am I going to kill the romance of the place? Will it become crowded and noisy? Will demand skyrocket, and soon Maria’s Closet becomes Maria’s Warehouse of High Prices?


Fears aside, though, I want to tell you about Maria’s Closet. Then, I want you to tell someone else about Maria’s Closet, and I want them to tell their friends about Maria’s Closet. Here’s why.


One of the first things that caught my eye was this tiny shop’s current window display, featuring mannequins dressed in on-trend yellow and silver tones. Then, when I walked into the blink-and-you-might-miss-it Oak Cliff storefront, I wasn’t immediately greeted by a salesperson, or told about specials, or handed a shopping bag. A couple of people were quietly picking through the racks, and a young woman was sitting in the corner playing with a baby. She waved at me sweetly, while chatting with one of the other shoppers in Spanish.


In fact, as I began to browse, I noticed that everyone in the store seemed to be familiar with one another. A man walked in and several ladies greeted him enthusiastically. Dad? Maybe. A peek into the very back of the store revealed yet another woman with a baby (perhaps another family member). A toddler was coloring at her feet, as she held the baby on one hip while folding clothes. She also smiled at me and said hello. The feeling was comfortable and welcoming.



And then, there were the clothes.


Maria’s Closet has a denim collection that is unstoppable. Classics like Gap and Levi’s go for $10 or less. Premium labels like Paige, Paper Denim & Cloth, and Seven are priced from $13 to $30. In the racks of dresses and blouses, you’ll find sizes 0-12 in brands like Anne Taylor LOFT, Express, Kenneth Cole, and Banana Republic. I spotted several silk shells and work-ready tops for as low as $8 dollars.


The shoe selection presented more bargain-priced, brand name finds. Everything from cult favorite Yellow Box flip flops (I must confess, I own a pair for pedicures and grocery shopping) to Sam Edelman sandals and a pair of Kate Spade velvet sling-backs caught my eye. I also spied Franco Sarto, Antonio Melani, Via Spiga, and Cole Haan, all priced at $12 and up.



As far as Dallas resale prices go, I dare you to show me better deals than these. A pair of $300 designer heels for $42? Silk tops for $8? All this, wrapped up in a small, edited selection that offers a very focused shopping experience.


In a town that prides itself on eating and breathing fashion, boutiques can come and go like the wind. People lose their resources and years of their lives trying to make an independent store successful. At Maria’s Closet, a small, warm space in a quickly-growing neighborhood is home to a real gem of resale shop. The owners work together and watch the kids at the store. They have relationships with their repeat customers, and they have bilingual employees. They deserve your support, and I encourage you to give it to them. I know they have mine.



(All photos, credit DFW Style Daily)