Best Dressed 2012: A Letter From The Editor

  Fashion is fleeing, but style is forever.   Last summer, with the debut of DFW Style Daily, I posed the questions, “What does style mean to you? Why is it important?”  Come March 12, we’ll debut a list of locals who each represent a unique, individual perspective on the matter.   With anticipation building for the big reveal, the origin of this exclusive feature makes for an interesting story in itself.   Imagine, if you will, a secret meeting just after the New Year, a think tank of the entire DFW Style Daily crew. We all donned trench coats and dark glasses for the occasion, arriving on the quarter hour in unmarked cars.   Just kidding. Actually, we met in a sunny boardroom overlooking Uptown, each toting several personal nominations for our first-ever Best Dressed list.   This list, as we envisioned it, wouldn’t just be any list. The DFW Style Daily list would celebrate the entire range of fashion personalities present in the local scene. It would be our tribute to the amazing style we see each time we venture out on the town.   For my part, I also craved an antidote to the “boots, bling, and big hair” perception so many have of our city. I still cringe when I think back to the time in which I covered local fashion for a certain big name broadcasting company. I was continually pushed to feature the likes of cowboy boots and debutants in my videos and articles. No joke. From the perspective of a New York-based editorial team, these were the hallmarks of Dallas style.   Not that I have anything against cowboy boots, but can you imagine?   I digress. Back to that secret meeting. Nominations in hand, our team debated for hours, finally settling on a list of ten. It wasn’t easy, but in the end, we were thrilled with the group of six women and four men we selected. Their personal styles ranged from iconic to ironic, glamorous to gentlemanly, timeless to ultramodern.   Over the course of the next two months, we photographed these locals – again, under a veil of secrecy – on location, across the city. Each Best Dressed list member also sat down with video correspondent Priya Bhola Rathod for an intimate conversation about personal style.   The result? DFW Style Daily’s Best Dressed 2012. The big reveal begins March 12th, and we can hardly wait!   In the meantime, my best to you,   Lisa Petty, Editor Lisa(at)  

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