Offbeat Shopping: Electrique Boutique

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Electrique Boutique (4830 Greenville Ave., Dallas) is a store famous – or infamous –  for stocking exotic dancers’ stage wear and a seasonal wealth of sexy Halloween costumes.


I could tiptoe around these facts and use all sorts of euphemisms, but let’s just call ‘em like we see ‘em, shall we? The operative question today is whether or not Electrique is worth a stop for the stylish Dallas shopper.


Ladies, the answer may surprise you.



Entering the zebra-striped converted Chinese restaurant, I am greeted with uncensored booming rap music and hospital waiting room carpet. Signs all around shout, “NO PICTURES” and “NO RETURNS.” Every inch of the store is covered in skimpy clothing in a rainbow of colors, interspersed with the odd pirate hat or nurse outfit. A corner filled with whips and other such accessories lurks just out of reach, intensifying the feeling that we’re not in Kansas anymore.


Lucite heels, bodysuits, and fishnets – oh my!


Grasping for some indication of normalcy, I meander toward the register, eyeing a cluster of caddies that, in the average boutique, might contain lip gloss or earrings. Not so, at Electrique. This store’s impulse-buy section includes a fishbowl filled with thongs. I’m not making this up.


At this point, you may assume that there’s no way I’m going to recommend this store to DFW Style Daily readers. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


Once the initial shock wore off (and it did, with a little time), I noted that Electrique offers more on-trend neon clothing and accessories than you can shake a stick at – all very affordable. Beyond the standard highlighter yellow, bandeaus, fishnets, and tights are available in a wide range of neon brights, for about 4.99 a pop. Buying them here makes a lot more sense than spending a ton of money elsewhere on trendy pieces you’ll likely discard after this season.



And speaking of fun wardrobe pick-me-ups, a pair of studded heels also caught my eye. Metallic leggings ($26) and a sequined tube skirt ($25) tempted as well, both available in a wide range of sizes. You could pay nearly double for similar items at the mall.


Great finds, for sure, but what about keeping up appearances? Would you dare be caught browsing racks filled with sailor suits and Texas flag bikinis? What if I told you that those same racks also contain $5 Wayfarer-style sunglasses? Or the largest collection of false eyelashes I’ve ever seen?


In conclusion, Electrique Boutique is not just a novelty underwear and Halloween costume store. Except that it is. Do you get my drift? For those with a discerning eye and an urge to have a little fun, it’s worth a peek. Go on in – I won’t tell.



(Exterior photo credit DFW Style Daily; Product photos via

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