Elizabeth Anyaa Exhibits at One Arts Plaza

  From her studio at South Side on Lamar, Dallas designer Elizabeth Anyaa crafts visually stunning, tactile creations both decorative and wearable. A native of West Africa, Anyaa honed her craft in Finland, earning a degree in fine arts with an emphasis on textile design and manufacturing from The Rovaniemi Institute of Industrial Art. After moving to the U.S. in 1996, she studied fashion design at El Centro College in Dallas, and was later awarded top honors at Fashion Group International’s annual Career Day. Last fall, a runway presentation of her latest collection at the Trinity River Audubon Center garnered rave reviews.   Next up for this fashionable artisan, a month-long exhibit in the lobby of downtown’s One Arts Plaza. Elizabeth Anyaa’s “Sculptures in Motion” showcases abstract shapes born of intricate fabric manipulation.  

  “My inspiration for this exhibit is based on my observation of everyday occurrences,” says Anyaa. “I used wool fused with silk or cotton as the main storyteller, and incorporated crystals, stones, leather, metal, and wires to tell different stories.  The vases are symbolic of kept secrets and memories. The poles demonstrate our desire for upward mobility, growth, and security, and the miniature sculptures are impacts we are aware of and those we will never know.”   An opening reception for “Sculptures in Motion” will take place this evening, February 16th, from 6 – 8 p.m. For more details and location information, visit our Event Calendar. The exhibit continues through March 16th.    

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