Trending: Eye-Catching Ears

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Dangling from lobes for the spring collections, we saw everything from tomatoes and bow tie pasta to chains and chandeliers. Many of these twin ear ornaments screamed for the ‘80s, in the style of Desperately Seeking Susan. On a more classic note, recent red carpets have dazzled with elegant statement earrings, sweeping the softest self-tanned shoulders in Hollywood.


For Dallas fashion fans, I recommend to embracing these new attention-grabbing accents. As trends go, it’s an easy one to confidently explore.


Below, I’ve highlighted a few favorite examples on the market right now. Naturally, any other wearable embellishments paired with these beauties should be kept to a minimum.




Foundation Coin Earrings ($125, Tory Burch)










Chain Wrap-Around Earrings by Soo Ihn Kim ($42, Shopbop)












Long Leather Tassel Earrings ($18, Urban Outfitters)












Crystal Three-Tier Earrings by Jose & Maria Barrera ($312.50, SWAG)









Cocobanana Earrings by Tarina Tarantino ($195, Amazon)










(Photo credits, from top: 1., 2., 3., 4., 5.



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