Obsession Confession: Benny Black

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Since our launch, DFW Style Daily has reveled in revealing the fashion fixations of our city’s top trendsetters in the popular series, 5 Obsessions. With this brand-new year comes a whole new set of stylish addictions in Obsession Confession.


Today, Benny Black, the dapper founder of Platinum Motorcars, shares his charming preoccupation exclusively with us. Given Black’s exotic taste in vehicles and his signature, dandy style, we couldn’t wait to find out what he’s obsessed with right this moment.




The Obsession: Pocket squares, the more avant-garde the better.


The Confession: Black admits to having “easily more than 20 pocket squares in many different colors.” He adds, “You will rarely see me out without one.”







The Rationalization: “The pocket square serves as a classy detail that adds character, signifying an understated elegance and charm,” Black explains of his polished preoccupation. “It is also symbolic of my company, Platinum Motorcars – a luxurious accessory that is often noted and never forgotten.”








The Collection: While a variety of prints and patterns dominate his pocket-sized accessory collection, Black also notes, “I’m looking into pocket rounds [as well], which give a more flowered look, just to change things up a bit.”







Shop It: The “Mirage” pocket square ($12) and the “PocketCircleZ 5” pocket square ($19), shown here, were selected by the candidate as the most representative of his personal taste. Both styles are available via PocketSquareZ.com.




(Headshot photo, credit: Carter Rose. Product photos, credit PocketSquareZ.com)


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