The Paper Chase: A Letter From The Editor

    Good morning, and welcome to DFW Style Daily’s brand new look. It’s hard to believe it has been only seven months since our launch. We are now on the cusp of our 300th article, and today we introduce a new-and-improved platform for our fashion and style reporting.       Needless to say, the past few weeks have been a time of reflection for me, what with all this reviewing and revamping and redesigning. Even more so, given the fact that this debut comes on the heels of my decline of a partnership with a Dallas-based print publication. That’s right – we turned down print, and we didn’t look back. On such an important day in the evolution of our site, I’d like to explain why.

Growing up, I was probably the only little kid who looked forward to a trip to the dentist. In fact, anywhere with a steady supply of magazines was like heaven to me. Whether current or years old, for investors or gardeners, pulpy or preachy, I loved them all. And you can just imagine how my obsession exploded when I discovered the world of Bazaar, Allure, and (gasp) Vogue in my pre-teens. Needless to say, as an adult, I was thrilled with my first assignments as a reporter for print publications. I contributed to the Dallas Morning News and the San Antonio Current, as well as various magazines. At that point in my career, pay was by the word, and we often had weeks, if not months, to complete an assignment. The day I first saw my byline on paper is a day I’ll never forget. In other words, I have always and will always maintain a deep respect for the printed word. Its relevance, however, especially on a local level, is waning.

I’m sure that I don’t need to tell you that information flies through the world at a dizzying pace these days. That goes double for fashion, known to shift its perspective at a moment’s – er, second’s – notice. Today’s big trend is tomorrow’s old news. What happened last month can seem like ancient history. That said, I was still very excited to be approached by a local monthly magazine regarding a partnership with DFW Style Daily about two months ago. I made a deliberate effort to put all preconceived notions aside, and take a fresh look at the situation. I ended up facing some tough questions. Through a couple of sleepless nights, I considered the publications I knew of that were fighting decreased circulation and staff cutbacks. I also wondered if any of our local magazines (free glossies, most importantly) could truly account for where their products ended up?  How many issues, meant for the hands of demographically-targeted readers, had I seen piled knee-high on street corners, slipping page by page into the wind? Ultimately, DFW Style Daily had to remain focused on who we are. We are of the moment, not of the month.

And so, with the debut of this redesign, we recommit to providing stylish local content, every day. Whether feature articles, news, interviews, or exclusive videos, DFW Style Daily is crafted with the same care and attention to detail as any print counterpart. What's more, being of the moment includes the addition of a new social media specialist to our staff. Sean Charles will be staying in touch with all of you through likes, links, and tweets each day. Of the moment also applies to the work of our video team. Priya Bhola Rathod and videographer Ric Mulligan have some very exciting viewing in store for you in coming weeks. Lastly, each of our expert contributors will be debuting fresh new takes on their weekly series in the near future. I do hope you enjoy our new look. Take a look around, and if you haven’t already, follow us on Twitter @DFWStyleDaily, and like us on Facebook as well. Even more of the moment content will be shared through these channels.   My best to you,   Lisa Petty, Editor Lisa(at)  

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