Dallas Style Stars Share 2012 Shopping Resolutions

    Which local trendsetter will make only eco-friendly purchases next year? Who plans to give back to the community through fashion? And who (gasp!) is swearing off sky-high heels for good?             With 2012 fast approaching, we polled some of Dallas’ most stylish folks to learn what they’ll do differently, wardrobe-wise, come January 1st. Turns out, there’s much change in store, from downsizing closets to swearing off high heels.   Here’s hoping these resolutions inspire you to make it a very fashionable new year.       Brandie Gilliam, Founder, Organic Beauty Talk:  “In 2012, I will shop more at local retailers, thrift once a month, and make only 100% eco-friendly fashion-related purchases. I will also help spread the word even more on great eco-friendly fashion and jewelry through my website.”                   Amber Perley, Designer, Pearl Southern Couture: “My resolution is to include more vintage pieces in my wardrobe to mix and match with new clothing. I can always find great vintage items at Dolly Python, Buffalo Exchange, and Lula B's.”         Yvonne Crum, Chairman, Fresh Faces of Fashion: “I plan to source a couple of perfect jackets from my favorite resale shops. I find that I can make everything in my wardrobe look fresh without a big expense if I have a great jacket. I also hope to continue to spread the word that age doesn't come into play when you dress with classic style. You don’t have to wear something cut ‘down to there’ or ‘up to here’ to look young!”                       Annie Potasznik, Journalist and CCO: “For health reasons, I am going to try not to buy anymore impossibly high heels. My doctors have actually forbidden me from doing so. Although, I figure an apple a day may offset the nerve damage in my toes!"                 John Conte, Vice President of Education, Wade College: “My resolution is to shop more socially responsible retailers and brands in 2012. Organizations like the Human Rights Campaign and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have great lists of companies who do right or wrong to people and animals.”     Julia Andalman, Director of Admissions and Marketing, Wade College: “Out of the 75 or so pairs of heels, boots, platforms, sandals, wedges, and pumps that I own, about half of them need a heel replaced, or to be polished, or to have some detail repaired. I vow in 2012 to no longer neglect my shoes!”         Rovina Outar, Designer, La Mère Couture: “In 2012, I plan on working with a few local non-profit organizations that help underprivileged high school girls source dresses to attend their proms. I also plan on encouraging other local retailers to participate with me. This is becoming more of an issue right now, since many more families are out of work. I feel that fashion should not only be about buying new things or wearing the hot new trend, but also about to using the resources available to us to inspire and give back wherever needed."               Erica Nicole, Founder and CEO, YFS Magazine: Young Fabulous & Self-Employed®: “In 2012, I resolve to approach my wardrobe with the same strategy of efficiency and effectiveness I use to accomplish tasks in business: do it, delegate it, or dump it. Classic coveted pieces, I’ll keep and wear. Last season’s impulse purchases, I’ll ‘delegate’ by donating. It’s also time to let go and dump some things. I’ll say buh-bye to overly-trendy accessories and clothes I haven’t worn in years. The goal is to curate and keep it simple, and to invest in quality, not quantity. It’s smart, accountable, and fabulous!”           Jennifer Buxton, Blogger, Real Posh Mom: “2012 will be the year of simplicity for my fashion choices. I am donating all of the clothing items that I haven't worn in some time or that no longer fit. I have personally decided to buy from local clothing designers and shops, as well. Small businesses keep the community going, and you just get a warm and fuzzy feeling when you shop a place where you know the owners by name.”              

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