Curve Appeal: ‘Larger Than Life’ is a Great Boutique With a Really Bad Name


  Despite an unfortunate name and unusual location, Nancy Upton discovers amazing plus-size shopping at Larger Than Life.     I have a love-hate relationship with puns.  Sometimes they make me laugh until I cry, and sometimes I find them cheap and insulting. Having said this, I’ll admit I wasn’t sold on the name Larger Than Life for a plus-size consignment store. That, coupled with its unusual location (10233 East Northwest Highway, #435, Dallas), made for more than a little hesitation on my part when it came time for this review.   To compound the issue, Larger Than Life has little curb appeal. Located in a shopping center along with an Albertsons, a Jack in the Box, and a skating rink, two police cars were lurking near its entrance on the day of my visit.  

  As soon as I opened the door, however, my spirits lifted.   This boutique walks the line between “consignment quirky” and “fashion forward” in the most perfect way. For starters, I noticed a nice span of styles and time periods in its collection. One could easily find a great piece for a glamorous vintage-style closet, like a fur stole or a high-necked wool dress. Or, if something a bit more modern is up your alley, you could seek out ivory silk shirts and black blazers.   True, many items lean toward a more mature clientele (think Dana Buchman suits and Ralph Lauren trousers), but I spotted a couple of pieces from Torrid and plenty of youthful denim. There is also a fantastic selection of pieces that can be worn to the office and still make a splash at cocktail hour afterwards.  

  The size selection is also one of the best I’ve seen in the DFW area. Sizes 12 through 28 are represented on just about every rack, and in some cases, up to 4X is offered. This includes all lingerie, bathing suits, and basic shells - items that can sometimes be a problem to find.   As for the little extras, accessories line the walls of the store, and include jewelry, shoes, purses, and a beautiful selection of scarves and shawls.   And then there are the prices, perhaps one key advantage to Larger Than Life’s location. Everything I checked out in the store was extremely affordable to begin with, and prices also operate on a sliding scale, decreasing over time. For example, a dress may be priced at $25 for starters, but the tag will also note two dates in the near future when the price will drop. If that item has been on the floor for a month or more, there’s a great chance you’re going to pay even less.   In conclusion, all of my judgmental thoughts about the name and location of this boutique ultimately faded away. It knows its clientele extremely well, while keeping up with new trends and offering affordable prices. Larger Than Life is definitely worth a trip.   (All photos, credit DFW Style Daily)

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