Haute Messes: 2011’s Biggest Fashion Disasters

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From big hair to bigger hats to one major meltdown, Abby Gregory lists the hideous and hilarious low points of the year. Buckle your safety belts, kids.




10. Ken Downing Pours on the “Bordeaux”


When Ken Downing reveals his seasonal trend roster for Neiman Marcus, we always anticipate an annoying amount of sales-driven advice, but for 2011, the Fashion Director veered into blatantly self-promotional territory with the release of his “Bordeaux” collection for Le Métier de Beauté. Simultaneously, Downing declared the sedate shade to be the color of the season for the luxe retailer.








9. Serena Vanderwoodsen’s Style Setbacks


Typically known as Gossip Girls best-dressed character, Blake Lively’s Serena was subjected to numerous wardrobe horrors this year. While we loathed the poorly-executed Mary Katrantzou dress she donned for best friend Blair’s baby shower, as well as myriad ill-fitting sparkly items, the most heinous ensemble had to be the too-small leather shorts she sported at her TV family’s holiday dinner.









8. Kim Kardashian’s Not-So-Haute Headdress


Pictured here prepping for her walk down the aisle, even Kim seems to realize the absurdity of her garish wedding headpiece. Of course, she ultimately wore it anyway, kicking off two-and-a-half months of wedded non-bliss, culminating in divorce proceedings.










7. Chris Brown’s BET Award Ensemble


This photo needs no caption. Those pants are a don’t. Always. No matter what.















6. Project Accessory Plays it Safe


This ill-conceived series from the creators of Project Runway fell flat in too many ways to count. Blasé would be putting it nicely. The featured designers seemed to lack talent for the avant-garde, leaving viewers wishing for the outrageous, over-the-top pieces often seen on the original version of the show.










5. Nicki Minaj + Anna Wintour = BFF?


This new fashion odd couple got very chummy during a Carolina Herrera runway show this year. While we were willing to accept the Vogue editor’s earlier fascination with Roger Federer, being that women all over the world would kill to befriend the tennis hottie, we cannot understand this duo. A short examination of their wardrobe choices in this front-row image should sum up the reasons we’re still scratching our heads.











4. Prada’s Tennis Shoe Tragedy


And speaking of unusual pairs, while we usually appreciate Prada in a profound way, we cannot approve of the label’s misguided attempt to fuse sneakers and platform wedges. Even the jaunty stripes can’t redeem this footwear failure.











3. Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie of York Go Gaga at the Royal Wedding


The questionable fascinators both young royals wore to the nuptials of their cousin Prince William garnered plenty of bad reviews, but the remainder of the girls’ wedding wardrobe also deserves a disapproving nod. Those matronly shoes and unflattering cuts guaranteed their inclusion in nearly every post-wedding worst dressed list.










2. Big Rich Texas Gets Even Bigger


Like many city dwellers, we often spot those we know and love on this Dallas-based reality show. However, we’re taking issue with the insane style blunders we frequently encounter on Big Rich Texas. To wit, even the 2011 season’s promotional image includes far too much shine, glitter, and back-combed hair to mention in one short paragraph. As cameras roll on the upcoming season, we can only hope that the girls will debut looks less stereotypically “Texan”.







1. John Galliano’s Disgraceful Dismissal


While the previous nine were all in good fun, this number one headline-making disaster stands alone in disgrace. Just in time for Paris fashion week, British-born designer John Galliano was filmed making drunken anti-Semitic remarks. He was immediately dismissed from his role at Christian Dior, and major retailers including Saks Fifth Avenue pulled the designer’s line out of their stores.







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