Kendra Scott On Her Dallas Debut, D.I.Y. Jewels

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DFW Style Daily chats with the Austin-based designer about the inspiration behind her affordably luxurious line.


Plus, take a peek inside her brand-new West Village boutique, where shoppers can create their own wearable works of art.




Shortly following the star-studded opening reception of her Beverly Hills boutique, jewelry designer Kendra Scott put down roots in Dallas’ West Village. Favored by celebrities including Sophia Vergara, Eva Longoria, and the Duff sisters, Austin-based Scott sat down with DFW Style Daily to dish on Dallas fashion and her signature Color Bar.



DFW Style Daily: You now have three freestanding stores, including Austin, Beverly Hills, and Dallas. Why did you select Dallas for your third location?


Kendra Scott: It was never even an option. When we opened in Austin, we realized that we had a very unique retail experience for the customer. We started looking into other markets, and the next city that I looked at was Dallas. It is the fashion capital of Texas, and it was an absolute no-brainer that I wanted to be there.


Tell us a little about the store.


I think it’s unlike any other jewelry store. We want it to be very warm, welcoming, and comfortable. All of our cases are open and everything’s at a very attainable price point. We think jewelry should be fun, and we want our customer to experience what we get to do everyday in the design room.


The thing that makes the Kendra Scott store especially unique is our Color Bar. It’s a concept that allows the customer to play designer, and be involved in their creation. A customer can come in, select a silhouette and stones, and walk out in ten minutes with a one-of-a-kind piece that no one else will have, at a very affordable price.


The facade of the store is like a piece of jewelry for the West Village itself. Can you tell us how this came to fruition?


We wanted the store to have a really special feeling, inside and out. The beautiful overlay cutout is a part of our Moroccan flower logo, which you will find in many of my pieces. To have our signature logo on the outside of the building takes my breath away. We have never been able to do this, and to do it in Dallas is very special.


Why is accessibility so important at Kendra Scott?


When I started this company I had a newborn baby; it was after 9/11, and we were in a tough financial situation. I was looking for beautiful jewelry with personality and color, but everything I found was so out-of-reach for me, or was cheaply made. I felt like there was an opportunity to create beautiful handcrafted pieces in gorgeous colors that were attainable to women like me, and that was the goal when Kendra Scott [was born]. That is where my heart still remains.


Do you plan on getting involved in the fashion community in Dallas?


I love Dallas. It’s a vibrant city with an incredible energy. I was watching all of these beautiful women come through my store the other night, and the style in Dallas in incredible. I definitely want to get involved in more philanthropic efforts and align with women’s and children’s charities. I look forward to becoming a bigger part of what is happening in fashion in Dallas.



Kendra Scott Dallas is located at 3699 McKinney Avenue, Suite C305, in the West Village. For more information, visit



(Lead photo, courtesy Kendra Scott. Inset photos, credit Jim Duran for DFW Style Daily.)

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