Milk & Honey: Brand New on Henderson Avenue


  The gently-priced boho chic clothing boutique debuted October 21st. Here’s why we predict a bright future for owner Brittany Thomas’ smart new venture.     Many Dallas shoppers still feel a sting upon remembering short-lived Henderson Avenue jewelry boutique The Shining. That goth-tinged shop stocked stunning designs, each hand-picked by young owner Vicki Tollemache. Though praised by the press, The Shining failed to attract enough business to stay afloat, shuttering in April after a brief run.   Last Friday, that darkened storefront near the Pearl Cup opened anew as Milk & Honey.   It’s tough not to draw parallels between the space’s former and current occupants. Independently owned by young women, they each appeal (or appealed, in the case of The Shining) to high school, college, and post-grad gals with bohemian, vintage-inspired taste.   But the similarities end there, and we predict a successful future for Milk & Honey.  

  First and foremost, unlike its predecessor, this new boutique offers everything to complete an entire outfit – from clothing and outerwear to handbags, shoes, and accessories – rather than just jewelry. Second, shoppers will rarely encounter a price tag that reaches into the triple digits.   Both strategies are at the core of owner Brittany Thomas’ concept.   Thomas (pictured above), 25, cites Anthropologie as an inspiration for her boutique, but she has always considered the national chain overpriced. A self-professed “bargain shopper”, she prefers hunting grounds like H&M and Zara.   These influences converge at Milk & Honey into one very satisfying whole. Anthro-esque heritage-chic styles can be spotted throughout the store, and merchandising also hints at its cozy cottage aesthetic. Prices, on the other hand, are economic downturn friendly.  

  On our visit, we spied oversized tunics to pair with denim in both prints and solids, starting at around $50. Sweater coats in tribal and Navajo-style knits ring it at around $70. Trendy necklaces (shark tooth pendants, art deco motifs) are collectible at $14 and up. Party dresses, coats, vests, and more are also priced for guilt-free indulgence.   On the business side, it’s worth noting that Thomas founded and later sold a successful clothing boutique in Waco. The Baylor grad does all buying for the store herself, combing markets for finds from both familiar and under-the-radar labels.   Judging by the continuous stream of shoppers on the day of our visit (and the bag of goodies we couldn’t resist purchasing for ourselves), Milk & Honey is off to a solid and stylish start.   Milk & Honey is located at 1906 Henderson Avenue in Dallas. Visit the boutique’s Facebook page for more information.  

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