‘Fashion Week Dallas’?: A Letter From the Editor

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Earlier this week, an inquiry from a local designer tuned my radar to an upcoming series of events dubbed “Fashion Week Dallas”.



Scheduled for January 16th – 22nd, 2012, this showcase seemed to emerge out of the blue, so I took to my cell and keyboard to get the full scoop for DFW Style Daily readers.









Allow me to lead by reiterating DFW Style Daily’s commitment to supporting both emerging and established local design talent. Through the efforts of our team of reporters, we’ve brought you profiles, interviews, and galleries featuring many of North Texas’ brightest fashion stars. See recent features on Shirin Askari, Shawn Florence, Rovina Outar, Shona Gilbert, and London-based Palmer//Harding, just to name a few.


It was one such local designer who wrote to inquire about “Fashion Week Dallas” this past Monday. I was caught off-guard by the fact that an event with such an official title was completely unfamiliar to me, so I promised to find out as much information as possible to help her decide whether or not to participate.


Here is what I learned.


Founded by entrepreneur Mahiri Takai, the “Fashion Week Dallas” website can be found at MklinksModel.com. According to the website, Takai is the CEO of Mklinks Models/Fashion Shows and Fashion Syndicate Press. Also according to copy on the site, “Fashion Week Dallas” is “a central platform under which the industry is able to showcase and celebrate American/British fashion.”


Throughout the week of January 16th – 22nd, 2012, “Fashion Week Dallas” will include a series of fashion shows and related events taking place at downtown’s South Side on Lamar and undisclosed additional venues throughout the city.


After doing my initial research, I reached out to most of my immediate fashion network, none of whom had heard of “Fashion Week Dallas”. From there, I went directly to the source, emailing Mahiri Takai for additional information. Days passed with no response, and I soon found out that Takai no longer has access to the email address listed for him on his website.


So I picked up the phone. A couple of calls later, I managed to reach Takai directly, and we had a pleasant, if unrevealing, chat. He seems like a nice guy, and he seems very excited about “Fashion Week Dallas”.


“I pretty much do it all,” Takai explained via phone about his background in the fashion industry. He is a designer himself, of both clothing and jewelry, in addition to his work as a writer, event producer, and modeling agent. He has partnered with The Dallas Weekly for this upcoming fashion showcase.


Takai went on to share that his budget for “Fashion Week Dallas” is $20,000, which he admits is quite small. He has received many donations, however, and he is positive that the overall production will “look absolutely amazing”.


It’s also worth noting that, according to Takai, he has produced events at New York Fashion Week in the past.


A total of 50 designers and boutiques will be selected to participate in “Fashion Week Dallas”, though Takai declined to divulge a list at this time. He did say, however, that several celebrities have already committed to attend, including BeBe Zahara (‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’) and recording artist and television personality Fonzworth Bentley.


In conclusion, I’ll admit to approaching “Fashion Week Dallas” with a grain of skepticism, if only because many of us in the local style set still remember the fiasco that was Oscar Fierro’s “Dallas High Fashion Week” back in 2009. That said, I enjoyed my talk with Mahiri Takai. I wish him luck, and I’ll keep you posted on details as they become available.


My best to you,


Lisa Petty, Editor


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