Men’s Trend Report: It’s In The Bag




Jim Duran’s Men Trend Report returns with more key wardrobe tips for guys. Today, he’s all about upgrading your college messenger – without veering into ‘man purse’ territory.



We all know women who have a bag for every thinkable occasion, and quite possibly bags to match each and every outfit.  What’s more, during a mild downward tip in the balance of power, we’ve all ended up waiting outside a ladies’ fitting room holding one of them in our lap.


These phenomena represent one gender’s end of the satchel spectrum. On the other end, we guys have a nearly equal need for both formal and casual bags. And while I’d never suggest toting a murse (man purse) anywhere and everywhere, I do think it’s time we examine the many stylish options available to us this fall.


From leather to canvas to bags made for true fashion adventurers, a guy’s bag is no longer just a bag. Here, I have divided men to three categories (the “Professional”, the “Professor”, and the “Fashion Editor”), and selected a cool carry-all for each.



First up, the “Professional” should choose a bag both strong and sturdy that can hold a load as big as his check. Make a power statement with this traditional document case by Alfred Dunhill ($3,200, from Dunhill) . Its classic shape and high-quality leather combine to form a sophisticated bag fit for any boardroom.



Next, the “Professor” is an intellectual man who needs a bag with cool, casual style. His bag must transport easily, and not call unnecessary attention upon itself. This classic check messenger by Burberry ($750, from Burberry) fits the bill. The gray hue mutes its print, and provides the “Professor” with the subtle elegance he needs.



Finally, the “Fashion Editor” seeks the bag of the moment. He wants the piece that will make the biggest statement, the one that will make everyone in his circle jealous. Without a doubt, the bag of this particular moment is the Givenchy logo tote ($965, from Barneys New York). This bag will take our “Editor” from uptown to downtown, from London to Milan to Paris, and he’ll look chic in every locale.


So, guys, take into consideration a bag that best expresses your personal style, in addition to suiting your current daily needs. That canvas messenger from your college days deserves an upgrade – don’t you think?



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