Insider Shopping: Snider Plaza Boutique-Hopping


  Our shopping guru Rhonda Sargent Chambers is at it again. This time, she’s scoping fall arrivals in Dallas’ historic Snider Plaza.   Read on for her fashionable finds at Melanie Gayle, Sebastian’s, and Cicada Collection.     At the intersection of Hillcrest Road and Lovers Lane, just a stone’s throw away from SMU, is bustling Snider Plaza. Built during the great depression, this historic Dallas shopping center dates back to 1927.   An interesting fact about Snider Plaza is that each block is maintained by different owners. Thus, unique and well-manicured storefronts tempt shoppers into privately-owned boutiques and restaurants throughout the plaza. From imported fabrics, antiques, and clothing, to cookies, ice cream, and a grocery store, Snider Plaza has it all. There’s even an Eisenhower-era gas station where the attendants will still pump your gas and check your tires!   It seems that a day doesn't go by for me without a trip to Snider Plaza for one errand or another, but on this excursion, I focused exclusively on boutiques. My first stop was newly-opened Cicada Collection (6817 Snider Plaza). Owner Anne Mulvaney and store manager Patti Dieterich take a unique approach to dressing. Cicada Collection delights, featuring elegantly soft staple pieces with a European flair.   Here are a couple of pieces that caught my eye on this visit to Cicada Collection:  

From left: Dresses by Elm and Lillith, Dress by Lillith and 

Necklace by Janice James Studio (pricing available upon request)

  Next up, I visited my friend Melanie Ramon’s boutique, Melanie Gayle (6818 Snider Plaza). This is always a guaranteed haunt for "must have" pieces.  I particularly love the way that Melanie merchandises her store. Shop here for investment pieces, as well as gently-priced trend items.   Below, I've pictured a couple of new finds at Melanie Gayle:  

From left: Colorblock Dress ($138), Print Dress ($205),

and Printed Top ($148)

  Finally, my last stop for the day was Sebastian's (6730 Snider Plaza). Owner Sebastian and his wife Colby have an incredibly tasteful eye for fashion. I love browsing their luxurious designer clothing, beautiful accessories, and shoes and boots galore. The couple prides themselves on stocking clothing you can't find anywhere else.   Check out what I found on this stop at Sebastian's:  

From left: Carlos Falchi Animal Print Bag ($2,302, special order),

Carlos Falchi Clutches ($802 each), An array of denim in shades of red and blue

  Happy hunting on your next trip to Snider Plaza!

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