Versace for H&M Drops November 17th


  The good news is that a mere 50 days stand between shoppers around the world and H&M’s Versace capsule collection. The bad news is that the fast fashion retailer is still mum on whether Dallas will partake in the debut.   Read on for the details, as they stand right now. Update: On November 17th, the Versace for H&M release date was updated to November 19th. Click here for updated post.   Move over, Missoni. There’s a new Italian designer collab (possibly) coming to town.   Boasting a whopping 60 looks for both men and women, spanning the iconic design house’s 30-plus glamorous years, Versace for H&M is sizing up to be the biggest thing since, well, Lanvin for H&M.   According to the fast fashion juggernaut, “The exclusive collection will recall the vibrant heritage of the brand, complete with leather, prints, color, and exuberance in exclusive materials at fantastic H&M prices.”   Sounds like a fashion frenzy waiting to happen - but Dallas may not have the pleasure of enjoying it firsthand.   Though scheduled to arrive in select stateside H&M stores on November 17th, the retailer is not yet revealing the exact locations that will receive the Versace goods. An email query to H&M HQ earlier this week netted a disappointing response.   “We cannot release information regarding the list of select stores to receive the Versace collaboration,” read the swift reply. “Since H&M is located in 40 markets around the world, this is a complicated process.”   An inside source tells us that more details will be revealed about one week before the launch. In the meantime, eager shoppers can check out H&M’s video interview with Donnatella Versace (below). Herein, the designer shows off sketches and discusses many aspects of the collaboration, including details on the “very sexy” Versace for H&M dress she’s wearing in the photo above.   YouTube Preview Image     With fingers crossed, DFW Style Daily will keep you posted on details as they develop.     Update: On October 24th, the Versace for H&M release date was changed to November 17th to reflect information in new press materials.

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