Ryan Edgar’s Rock Star Style

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DFW Style Daily’s Jim Duran chats with Dallas-based musician Ryan Edgar about inspirations, travel, and fashion.



Read on to learn about Ryan’s favorite local vintage haunt, plus what he thinks of the Russell Brand ‘rocker uniform’.










Dallas’ Ryan Edgar is on the verge of musical success. Currently traveling cross-country between Los Angeles and Memphis, he has performed his soulful mix of classic rock, Motown, and hip-hop locally at the House of Blues and the Granada Theater.


We caught up with the talented musician to discuss his inspirations and his signature style. Turns out, there’s room for both Steven Tyler and Pharrell on Ryan’s list of fashion influences.




DFW Style Daily: How does your music influence your personal style, on and off stage?


Ryan Edgar: On stage, I might wear something a bit more formal. I might do more scarves, but to be honest, there is not too much variation. Even when I travel, [I wear] kind of a stage getup. I try to be consistent across the board.


Tell us what personal style means to you.


I feel that it is an original expression of who you are. It shows a lot of your personality. People approach me sometimes asking who I’m with because of my personal style. It’s almost like asking, “What tribe you are you in?”


You recently returned from Central America. Did you find any style inspirations on your journey?


There is a place called Lake Atitlán in Guatemala, and right above the lake was a village that had some of the most beautiful jewelry that I have ever seen.


What do you think of the current ‘rocker uniform’ made popular by Russell Brand?


I love it. Russel Brand is saying that you don’t have to be a rock star to dress like one. But I really don’t think there is a uniform. I think it’s more about wearing the boldest thing you can come up with to express who you are. I perform better when I feel better.


So if I’m writing at home, and I actually get up and get dressed, I do a better job writing. I think it’s important to have a distinct look that reflects your personality, because perception in music can be everything.


Who are your style icons?


I love Steven Tyler – he gets away with so much. Also, Jimi Hendrix dressed so rad. I like the older rock stars, but when it comes to the hip-hop end, I think Pharrell [Williams] dresses really well.


What is the one item of clothing that every rock star needs?


I would say that you need some really killer boots. I shop a lot at Dolly Python (1916 N. Haskell Ave., Dallas), and I recently found these vintage Roper boots for $35. They need to be resoled, but I have worn them almost every day. They kind of have a European feel, but they are legit to Texas, so they are really cool.


To learn more about Ryan Edgar visit RyanEdgarMusic.com. Check out his single ‘Hello’ at Hello-Somebody.com.


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