Men’s Trend Report: Psychic Style Predictions




Each week, DFW Style Daily’s Jim Duran shares key wardrobe tips for guys. Today, he’ll reveal the secret to dressing like a fashion fortune-teller. No mood rings or crystal balls required.



In the world of women’s fashion, the desire to stay ahead of the style curve is a rat race that often ends in tragically chic outfits only true ‘fashion junkies’ can understand. Not to mention the husbands and boyfriends left scratching their heads in total confusion.


Luckily for men, dressing in what’s next (as opposed to merely now) is a comparatively easy process. No, I’m not talking about just adding a bow tie to a plaid shirt or tucking your skinny jeans into some work boots.


The secret strategy I will reveal today achieves a truly forward-thinking look that will land you on the city’s best dressed list. So listen up fellas, and listen good.


Ready? Here goes (drawing a deep breath).


The secret to setting the style bar, rather than just reaching it, is incorporating next season’s trends into this season’s wardrobe. It requires some research, but that’s where I come in.


To further explain this concept, let’s review a few looks from the Spring/Summer 2012 men’s collections that were recently presented in New York City.



Here we have a runway look by Robert Geller. The oversized, cut-off hoodie can easily translate into your fall wardrobe. This item continues the ‘oversized’ men’s trend, but shows evolution into a much more wearable street style.




Moving on, at Simon Spurr’s Spring/Summer presentation, there were three hot trends that would be great to wear right now: mesh layering, utility outerwear, and bold stripes.


As for the stripes, remember to pair them with an opposing solid to balance your look.




Lastly, continuing with utility outerwear, Nicholas K maximized this trend by offering separates in multiple fabrics and colors. These items show comfort and ease.


Any one of these spring trends, if worn for the current fall season, will place you firmly ahead of the fashion curve. Go ahead and let ‘em think you’re psychic – your secret is safe with me.