Under The Radar Designer: Rovina Outar

    DFW Style Daily has discovered a talented North Texas designer who specializes in eye-catching evening wear.  A trip to Rovina Outar’s Fairview boutique would be well-timed with the holiday party season approaching.     Here, we discuss Outar’s inspirations and why Dallas was a “surprise” to the New York transplant. Plus, we have all the details on her upcoming runway show.             Bright colors and red carpet-ready embellishments catch the eye from all corners of Rovina Outar’s spacious shop, La Mère Couture. Located in the Village at Fairview (I-75 at Stacy Road), the independent designer’s showplace features gowns, cocktail dresses, and day looks that range from softly feminine to vintage chic.   While a limited supply of styles and sizes are stocked in-store, most dresses are made to order for each client. Lest that imply an extravagant price tag, we’re also pleased to report that affordability is a key element of this designer’s philosophy.   “My designs are an art form,” Outar explains. “All women in today’s society should be able to wear beautiful art, no matter what they do for a living or their income level.”   Next Thursday, September 29th, Rovina Outar will debut more than two dozen new looks in a formal runway presentation on the Grand Commons Stage at the Village at Fairview (see full details below). Today, we discuss inspiration, growing up in New York, and more with this new-to-us designer.  

  DFW Style Daily: How long have you been designing clothing?   Rovina Outar: I started designing at the age of 12. My mother was a seamstress, and I remember her working late at night. As a young girl, I wondered what my mom was doing up so late, so one night I decided to hide and watch her!   I saw yards of pretty fabrics, beads, and buttons from my hiding place. I was fascinated.  I came out of “hiding” and my designing career was born that night. My mom went on to teach me all about textiles, pattern making, and sewing.   Where are you from originally?  How long have you lived in Dallas?    I am originally from Guyana. My heritage is French and Indian. In 1983, my father and I came to the U.S., and resided in Queens, New York. Three years later my mother and brother joined us.   My husband Rachit and I moved to Dallas in 2004. I was resistant because I am a New York girl, and I thought Texas was all about cowboys and horses! I was in for a surprise when I came to Dallas.  I still miss NYC quite a bit, but I travel back home often, so it helps my craving for the life I left behind.   Tell us a little about your inspiration. Who is the woman you design for?   My first inspiration is my parents, watching them strive for a better life for our family. Second, I take inspiration from all the elements of nature. The sunrise and sunset, all the emotions of the sky and its brilliant colors - nature just inspires me!   The woman I design for is truly “today’s woman”.  Growing up in Queens, I saw how hard women had to work, yet they still wanted to look fabulous. I told myself that one day I would design for women like them. I want every woman who leaves my boutique to feel beautiful, and not feel guilty about the purchase she just made.     Special thanks to Jarrod Fresquez for Lead Photography. Credits: La Mère Couture (dress), Rachel Fresquez (Stylist), Kaia Bellanca (Make-up), Shailaun Manning (Model), Salvage House Boutique (Furniture).   Rovina Outar’s La Mère Couture Fashion Show will take place Thursday, September 29th, at 6:30 p.m. at the Village at Fairview. Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door, benefitting the National Foundation for Abused and Neglected Children. For more information and to purchase tickets, email [email protected].   (Inset photos, from left: DFW Style Daily and Austin Gartman for La Mère Couture)

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