North Texas Model Jeremy Wardlaw Takes On Fashion Week


  He’s more than just a handsome face.   In fact, Jeremy Wardlaw has come quite a long way from his gig at the Home Depot in Arlington. Now represented by Dallas-based Wallflower Management, this model on-the-rise is fresh off the runway of famed French design house Givenchy.   DFW Style Daily’s Jim Duran chatted with the hometown hottie during New York Fashion Week about the truth behind modeling, his career wish list, and more.  

  DFWSD: So, you’re in New York for fashion week. How is it going?   Jeremy Wardlaw: It's going well. I haven't booked many shows – I’ve booked mostly presentations.   Tell us how you got into modeling   I was scouted when I was 18. I was coming out of the bathroom at a night club when I was approached by an agent.  A few weeks later we did a test shoot, from which the clothing stylist took a photo of me to Request Models (NYC).   It was a while before anything happened, and in the mean time I was turned down by Campbell and Kim Dawson. I was mentored by a photographer by the name of Shiraz in Dallas, and we shot a video that caught the attention of photographer Mario Testino. I was flown up to New York to meet with [Testino], and I didn't hear anything [for a while], but two days before I left back to Texas, my agency sent me to the Givenchy casting.   Where have you traveled, and what is your favorite city?   I have worked in New York and Paris. Paris is so beautiful, and there is so much history there. I love New York because there are so many different cultures there, and you learn so much from them.   Which photographers would you like to work with in the future?   Steven Klein, Steven Meisel, and Mario Testino. Testino because his style is very clean. Klein because he's edgy, and his images always tell you a story. Meisel because he has an amazing level of creativity.   What was it like walking for Givenchy? What was going through your mind as you stepped onto the runway?   I was really excited. I was like, Is this really about to happen? There were so many important people there. I was in a daze.   Tell us about your diet and work out routine.   Well my diet is pretty much fruits, vegetables, and lots of high-protein foods. Since I walk around New York so much I can allow myself things that I couldn't if I were driving around Texas. When I work out I focus on stability training, cardio, and core work.   Finally, what would you say is the biggest misconception about male models?   I always thought male models earned a lot of money, but they get paid nothing. Campaign guys get paid a lot of money, but not runway or editorial models!   (Photos, Credit: Wallflower Management)

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